Aaron Rodgers: There’s no grace period because of coaching change

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There’s been a lot of attention paid to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgersrelationship with the team’s former head coach since the publication of an article about dysfunction inside the organization during Mike McCarthy’s final years in Green Bay.

Rodgers called that article a “smear attack” in a radio interview earlier this week and said on Wednesday that he’s had a great week because he’s heard positive things from a lot of former Packers teammates and coaches over the course of the week. Rodgers also talked about turning his attention from the past to the present and future.

He noted that some teams with coaching changes get a grace period under the new management, but said that the expectations are for immediate success in Green Bay.

“This isn’t like other transitions where you kind of get a pass for the first year or two as you get acclimated to the system,” Rodgers said, via Michael Cohen of TheAthletic.com.

There is acclimation to be done, however, and Rodgers said he is “studying more on the iPad” this year than he has in past offseasons in order to get Matt LaFleur’s offense down in time to hit the ground running when the team is permitted to do more than conditioning work on the field.