Davante Adams: I have no negative feelings about Aaron Rodgers

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Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley, both of whom caught many passes from Aaron Rodgers and shared a huddle and a locker room with him, recently criticized the Packers quarterback. Another former receiver, Jordy Nelson, has come to Rodgers’ defense.

A current Packers receiver, Davante Adams, had his say Wednesday.

“I feel like I have made it pretty evident about how I feel about it already,” Adams said, via video from Stacey Dales of NFL Media. “It’s something that I’m really trying to put in the past at this point because it’s nothing even to continue to drag on. I think you’ve heard from all the people who are relevant at this point and actually matter, which are the people who played with him and played with him recently and had those good relationships with him. I think that it’s been pretty uniform as far as we feel about him — a great leader. All the negative things I’ve heard, I share none of those feelings with those guys. Nobody reached out to me. Nobody reached out to James Jones. Nobody reached out to Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, any of these guys who obviously had a good relationship with him. I think if those people were interviewed about him the story would been a lot different.”

No one outside the locker room has put the controversy and criticism involving Rodgers and the Packers to rest yet. But if those in the locker room have and Rodgers returns to being Rodgers and the Packers return to winning, then it quickly will go away once the season starts.

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  1. It was a one-sided story. Dunne said he interviewed 30-40 people for the story, but only quoted several. He picked and chose only the quotes that fit his narrative.

  2. You can definitely tell it’s early April. At this point, this is a non-story. A few guys who are retired and trying to stay relevant had something bad to say about Rodgers, the guys who’ve played with him recently and respect him have said good things about him. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle as it is in most relationships on and off the field.

  3. J-Mike has even posted a tweet yesterday of a picture him and Rodgers apparently celebrating a win or a TD, with a comment of “Love you too bro!” Looks like Finley is doing a little damage control of his own, pulling back on the previous statements he made. Looks like Jennings is standing alone now. Oh, and the unnamed source.

  4. Jennings did zip once Rodgers wasn’t throwing him the ball. In other words Rodgers raised his level of play and to some degree made him look better than the the non-Rodgers stats showed him to be.

    I’m sure the guy is a diva, but it wasn’t just current teammates coming to his defense. There were plenty of guys that had nothing to gain ( James Jones, HA Ha Clinton-Dix, Casey Hayward, Jermaine Whitehead, Ryan Grant, Jayrone Elliot, the list goes on) that have stepped to his defense.

    No at all remarkable that those folks didn’t make the article…

  5. Think about all the people you’ve met in life. If someone wanted to paint a picture of you as a jerk, could they find a few people that would help?

  6. greg jennings is a tool and i don’t remember jermichael being that good… every year he was suppose to break out and it never happened. meh. their opinions mean nothing.

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