Drew Brees gets dig in during shirt commercial

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Drew Brees has largely taken the high road regarding the blown no-call which cost the Saints a shot at the Super Bowl.

But he couldn’t help getting a shot in.

Via Josh Katzenstein of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Saints quarterback made his joke during a new commercial for UNTUCKit shirts.

At the end of the 30-second spot, Brees walks by a man wearing the shirt, nods in approval, and says: “At least somebody made the right call.”

Brees was diplomatic in the wake of the game, saying during a lap of promotional appearances at the Super Bowl that he was trying not to dwell on the fact his team wasn’t there with him.

“I’ve lived my life by worrying about the things that I can control,” he said then. “I know there were things that happened in that game before and after that call that were within our control that we could’ve done better that would’ve resulted, I think, in a win. It’s unfortunate that the most obvious of those things was the no-call because arguably you do the math and we would’ve been kicking a field goal with 15 seconds and we’d probably be here. But, I focus more on the plays that we could’ve made that would’ve gotten us here anyway.”

And whether you buy the shirts he endorses or not, it’s good to know he can laugh about it now — while getting in a dig that implies he hasn’t forgotten and won’t.

21 responses to “Drew Brees gets dig in during shirt commercial

  1. Pretty sure I remember Brees complaining, whining and talking about the “no call” play on a daily basis for at least 4/5 weeks and he wasn’t being diplomatic about it. Either way, I remember the Saints still went into OT and Brees throwing a INT that lost them the game.

  2. Yeah, it’s the same Drew Brees who, when shown video of the blown pass interference call on Vikings LB Ben Leber in overtime of the 2009 NFCCG game (it clearly showed that Leber didn’t even touch the Saints receiver) which allowed the Saints to continue driving to the game-winning FG and asked by a reporter what he saw, Brees responded that he saw “pass interference”.

    In Brees’s mind, it’s never a blown or missed call if the opposing team is the victim.

  3. Look everyone knows the wrong call was made but really cant we move on. They still had a chance to win too and he threw a pick. At this point the whole thing looks pretty.

  4. Wasn’t a wrong call. Wasn’t a blown call. It was a willful, purposeful and deliberate action(or non-action, as it were).

  5. In Brees’s mind, it’s never a blown or missed call if the opposing team is the victim.


    Name me one player this doesn’t apply to.

  6. I can’t wait until next year when the Saints lose because of the new rules just so I can laugh at the stupid look that will be on Payton’s face.

  7. Yeah, I get that he’s upset by the non-call, and he’s right about that. However, the more he gripes about it, the smaller he looks. He would do well to remember the missed roughing the passer call against Favre in the 2009 NFC Championship game that went a long way to assisting the Saints towards victory that day.

    Any more of this, and it’s going to be labeled “sour grapes”.

  8. He was hit in the face on the interception and that wasn’t called either. look at the film…

  9. NO gets the ball to start OT and losses = Doesn’t matter who gets the ball first, it’s the refs fault.

    NE gets the ball to start in OT and wins = All that matters is who gets the ball first, change the rules.

  10. Connor Adams says:
    April 10, 2019 at 8:36 am
    In Brees’s mind, it’s never a blown or missed call if the opposing team is the victim.


    Name me one player this doesn’t apply to.
    Tom Brady. After the Tuck rule call, he said he thought it was a fumble. He said that in multiple interviews, including the one for his book “Moving the Chains.”

  11. If he throws an accurate pass on the first down, Saints go to SB. You can blame the refs, but look in the mirror as well.

  12. Call me classless if you wish but the integrity of the game was seriously and permanently damaged by that no call!

  13. That call probably cost Brees his last real shot at at another Super Bowl. It was remarkable that the Saints were able to recover last year after the devastating fluke of a loss the previous season. Will be difficult to pull that off 2 years a row.

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