Earl Thomas hopes to retire a Seahawk

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Earl Thomas may or may not have left Seattle on good terms. The last we saw of him in a Seahawks uniform he was flipping off Seattle’s sideline while leaving on a cart with a broken leg in October.

The Seahawks knew they couldn’t afford to re-sign him, and Thomas signed a rich offer with Baltimore.

But Thomas sounds as if he still has fond feelings for the Seahawks after spending nine seasons in Seattle.

“I envision one day retiring as a Seahawk,” Thomas said on the Rich Eisen Show on Wednesday. “I would never burn a bridge there. I still love my teammates. Hopefully, they’ll hang my jersey in the rafters.”

Thomas made six Pro Bowls and three times was voted All-Pro in his time in Seattle.

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times suggested the Seahawks hang a banner honoring the entire Legion of Boom, with every player’s number on it.

22 responses to “Earl Thomas hopes to retire a Seahawk

  1. Lost a lot of respect for ET when he had this 2 flirtation with Dallas; even resulting in Dallas being investigated for tampering, only to use them as a pawn to land a bigger free agency contract.

  2. So flipping off the sidelines in your last game doesn’t constitute burning bridges? Good to know.

  3. Um, unless ET29 apologizes for flipping the bird and asks for forgiveness, probably not gonna happen. Practice self-control people. Actions have consequences

  4. All these jokers getting on Earl for flipping off Carroll. Thats all it was. He wasn’t flipping off the fans, Carroll is okay with it because he’s not a clown and he gets it. In fact any of you Nancy’s would get it if you ever competed at a high level in sports. Bottom line is Earl was an amazing player and was on the best team in Hawks history. He was all class and the heart of the defense.

    Go Hawks!

  5. This will prove to the the worst free agency signing this year. De costa is out of his mind overpaying for an over the hill safety who has mailed it in. He conned you for a payday even he said he was floored by your ridiculous offer. He will be one and done in Baltimore.

  6. He can retire a Sea Dork if he signs with the team for 1 day and then retires at the end of his career. He must love those dorky uniforms and shoes.

  7. So this clown gives the Seahawk bench the finger as he is being carted off the field with his last of many injuries he had as a Seahawk, then he says he wants to be a Cowboy BADLY, then signs a lucrative deal with Baltimore that he even said he was surprised that the Ravens gave him that much term and money, now he says he wants to come back to Seattle one day after not even playing 1 down with the Ravens.

    Someone please check this man for CTE.

  8. Seattle fans have too many amazing memories of Earl’s exceptional on-field performance to let one emotional moment ruin the relationship. Earl made everyone around him better – best of luck in Baltimore.

  9. MO money trumps team loyalty EVERY TIME! Thomas is no different, yeah I want to retire a Hawk as long as they pay me what I want! Wilson will be the same way and maybe Clark. Gotta love the dedication of players to their team!

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