Raiders still looking for site for second “home” preseason game

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While the Raiders are playing another season in Oakland, fans there will only have eight chances to see them.

In addition to the home game they’re giving up to play the Bears in London during the regular season, they’re also going to be short a game in the preseason.

Via Scott Bair of, the Raiders second “home” preseason game was listed as “neutral site TBD” for their Week Three game against the Packers.

They’re still discussing options in Canada, though playing the game in Regina has been nixed by the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. Edmonton and Winnipeg are still being discussed as options.

Their only preseason game in Oakland will be the preseason opener against the Rams. Which, if you think about it, is kind of a break for Raiders fans in Oakland, since it means they don’t have to pay regular prices to watch another preseason game.

9 responses to “Raiders still looking for site for second “home” preseason game

  1. The Packer fans will enjoy this game in Lambeau,its preseason so play it in Green Bay,the field is available after all,unlike Oaklands antique baseball field.

  2. After all these years, the Raiders finally made pre-season game less than regular season games…for years you had to pay full price for pre-season, while you had to watch one of the best regular season games every year played in London, or Mexico City. Even this year they play the Bears in London, because they didin’t want to have Mack wrecking havoc in Oakland.

  3. Play in Toronto. The Jays are on the West Coast, the Argos are out East.

    Canada’s largest city, makes too much sense.

  4. Toronto’s stadium is too small, and there’s no way they’d be allowed to use Roger’s Centre as it has been converted to 100% baseball. Besides, the last couple times they help crappy NFL games in Toronto they bombed badly. I doubt they’ll ever go back. Some Toronto NFL lovers think everybody thinks like them and nothing could be farther from the truth, as experience shows. You’re more likely to find REAL football fans (as opposed to NFL-only fans) in Western Canada.

    Their best bet is either Edmonton (~59k seats) or Winnipeg (~33k) since both places have a much stadium larger than Toronto’s BMO Field which seats only 25k for football, and failure to sell that out — a distinct possibility in Toronto — would look REALLY bad.

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