Christian McCaffrey: No need to cut down my workload

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Panthers head coach Ron Rivera said earlier this year that the team would like to find a running back who will allow them to lessen Christian McCaffrey‘s workload in 2019.

McCaffrey played 91.3 percent of the team’s snaps last season and Rivera said the number of reps is “something we do have to be concerned with” in the future. It’s not a concern that McCaffrey shares with his head coach.

“I played in every game last year, felt great,” McCaffrey said, via “I can do it again. I feel I can do it over the next many years. … I would definitely like the ball as much as possible. … That’s why I train.”

The current running backs behind McCaffrey in Carolina are Cameron Artis-Payne, Elijah Hood and Reggie Bonafon, so the team might not have the player they need to cut back on McCaffrey’s playing time. That may lead to them using one of their seven draft picks on another option in the backfield.

11 responses to “Christian McCaffrey: No need to cut down my workload

  1. It sounds good…

    But just wait until Carolina uses a 5th year option and 1, possibly 2 franchise tags and you have to wait 7 years before your first big and only NFL contract…while other positions get 3 to 4 big NFL contracts…

  2. The dude will be worn out and they shouldn’t pay him when it comes time. It’s his choice and it’s also Carolina’s choice.

    The days of a full blown workhorse back are over, especially a glorified scatback who is going to get hurt.

  3. Two more years max at his current workload, despite his invincible mindset. McCaff is awesome but past performance is indicative of future results. Many teams have done this to their featured back and two years later are looking to sign a replacement. Panthers should be looking seriously at atleast one additional back to balance workload.

  4. Calling him a glorified scatback just shows you have not been paying attention to him this past season. Yes, he juked a bunch of guys like a scatback would but he trucked some DBs as well. People that deny this fact are just holding onto their original concepts of him coming out of the draft just to keep from admitting they were wrong.

    But it’s true that they need somebody to take a little of the workload off and they had that with CJ Anderson. Why Anderson didn’t get more of a chance to be a running mate, I’ll never understand.

  5. He’s earning his draft position with the workload. But that amount of effort and contact will hurt his chances for a big FA payday, but there is something so noble (yet naive) about leaving out of the field every Sunday.


  6. McCaffrey was the nearly the whole offense last year, Cam was playing hurt all year. If maybe Cam can come back healthy, McCaffrey‘s workload will naturally decrease and he will be even more effective. But hey, while you’re young take on the workload, he looks like the real deal, maybe he has his sights set on being in talks for the HOF when it’s all said and done, and you need touches to get the stats.

  7. Watching SB in NY last year I thought what a tandem he and CM would make. really would take the pressure off a young QB and alot fun to watch.

  8. Why is this only a problem for McCaffrey and no one else? McCaffery was 10th in rush attempts this year and when you factor in his receptions he still had 4 guys who out touched him. Elliot with 381, Barkley with 352, Gurley with 315 and David Johnson with 311. McCaffery had 307 touches yet is the only back ever mentioned as getting too high of a workload.

  9. Run him until the wheels fall off. He’s getting paid for it. He can retire in five years and live comfortably for the rest of his life.

  10. MacCaffrey is saying the right things and the things you would expect from a 21 year old but even if he could sustain that workload, which I don’t he or any other can, it would make the offense more dynamic to have another quality RB in the mix – like mixing up the defensive fronts next season. Hopefully, Rivera comes to his senses. I’d like to watch this guy play 10 more years, not 5.

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