Davante Adams “definitely looking forward” to seeing time as a slot receiver

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It will be some time before the Packers unveil head coach Matt LaFleur’s offense in a game, but the start of the offseason program means some hints about how the offense will look are starting to come to light.

Wide receiver Davante Adams shared one when he spoke to reporters on Wednesday. Randall Cobb is in Dallas and the team doesn’t have an obvious slot receiver, which has led to plans for Adams to move inside at times during the 2019 season.

Adams said that he sees potential positives to that arrangement.

“I think that’s something that Matt is definitely looking forward to having me do, and I’m definitely looking forward to doing the same thing,” Adams said, via PackersNews.com. “I think the versatility is putting these defenses in a bind as far as coverages they can play and guys they can match with. [They] may not want to travel so-and-so with me inside. If that will take their No. 1 off me, and I can get some mismatches maybe on the backer or the safety or anybody else, I think that is beneficial.”

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers noted Adams has the ability to play a variety of roles and it seems that Green Bay has designs on taking advantage of that ability any way they can.

8 responses to “Davante Adams “definitely looking forward” to seeing time as a slot receiver

  1. They still need a big, downfield burner. They haven’t had one in a long time. They’ve had a lot of effective No. 2’s, but absent a legit No. 1 (IMO.)

  2. They still need a big, downfield burner.
    I don't know if MVS is the answer, but 4.37 and 6'4" is getting there. He needs to improve his route running and LaFleur may be able to get more out of him.

  3. Davante Adams is the high character version of antonia brown.

    Davante Adams has more than half the touchdowns
    than brown has in MUCH LESS than half the receptions/targets.

    Davante Adams – 567 targets – 348 rec. – 39 td

    antonia brown – 1275 targets – 837 rec. – 74 td

  4. I loved the upside of the WRs GB drafted last year, but with that size and speed their is obvious reasons they fell, combination of average hands for an NFL WR, route running, Awareness (not knowing when to drag a foot before going OB)

    I want them to grab a TE I also want them to grab an OT to replace Bulaga/depth, then I get uncertain, should they take the best defender available… a Safety or one of the WRs that could go in the late first early second.

    I can’t wait for the draft.. and look forward to see what they do.

  5. Don’t draft Hollywood, he’s not a burner. Nobody knows since he didn’t run at the combine or pro days and was injured most of last year!

  6. packsupersoldier says:
    April 11, 2019 at 11:11 am
    Adams isn’t a legit number one? That’s really moronic.

    ……place him on the Lions, the Bears, the Vikings. Watch his numbers fall off the face of the earth. He’s good, I love he’s on the Packers. But he’s not a game-changer all by himself. IMO….and this is just me……..there are only 3-4 big, strong, fast, smart, game-changing, deep burners in the NFL. I’m sorry, Adams isn’t one of them.

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