Incoming players shouldn’t feel compelled to delete political tweets

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One of the strangest stories of the week comes from one of the best prospects in the draft.

Defensive end Nick Bosa told ESPN that he has deleted tweets supporting President Donald Trump due to concerns that Bosa may end up in San Francisco.

But the scrubbing of the tweets doesn’t change his views, which he first articulated in 2016 in an interview with VIP TV.

“He brings a charisma to the table of no other candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime,” Bosa said at the time, via “I think we need change.”

He’s entitled to feel that way, and he’s entitled to state his views, regardless of what those views are.

It’s one thing for incoming rookies to find and delete stupid or offensive social-media posts from younger and dumber days of their lives. Extending that to tweets regarding legitimately and genuinely held political views makes far less sense.

Given Bosa’s sensitivity to his political views in light of the manner in which they may be received in San Francisco, there’s another question that needs to be answered: Would he prefer not to be drafted by the 49ers?

Rarely if ever does a player try to convince a team not to draft him, and few if any non-quarterbacks have ever even tried. But Nick’s brother, Joey, told PFT Live in the days before the 2016 draft that has considered the question of whether incoming NFL players should be allowed to pick their teams, not the other way around.

Maybe Nick is thinking the same thing, and maybe his deletion of pro-Trump tweets and his explanation for doing so represent the first step toward making it known to the 49ers at some point over the next two weeks that he’d prefer not to play in San Francisco.

18 responses to “Incoming players shouldn’t feel compelled to delete political tweets

  1. uh… it would be the opposite. He would double down on his tweets and say ” I don’t care what Niner fans think”! Changing your habits based on a fan base of a team your not even a part of is unique to say the least, but the last thing I would think is that it would be an attempt to push that team away. I see it as Bosa trying to make #2 the furthest he could fall in the draft.

  2. The issue is that people are opinionated no matter what. You say that deleting “offensive” tweets is fine, but politics is a divisive subject for a reason. Whatever you say is going to offend about half the country. And what good does him saying what politician he supports do? Why does everyone have to shout their opinions from the rooftops like they’re sacred? All it does is tell half the population that he disagrees with them and increase divisiveness in a world where we need a lot more togetherness.

  3. The common fans could care less, but, the “elite” fans and the local media would hate him and throw “gotcha” political questions at him. He was wise, however, to try to get the politics out of his public career. No need for politics in football.

  4. Speak your mind Mr. Bosa. If people can’t handle it that’s their problem. Everyone is just too damn touchy now days. And I’m a democrat.

  5. I hate trump, but want people to express how they feel, because that is freedom. The freedom to be an activist, as well as to hold your tongue, live life a bit, and learn. I think it also shows that he understands the spotlight, and rather than get any unwanted attention, he nips it in the bud.

  6. I give him credit. His next move should be to make sure he isn’t drafted by another California, New York or Massachusetts team. The state taxes are too high and would take a huge chunk of his contract. Meanwhile Texas, Florida and Tennessee have no state income tax.

    I think he did this to avoid getting drafted by SF.

  7. I disagree with Florio on this one. Politics has become the new religion. You cannot pick a side in this current climate without getting blasted by the other side. We don’t discuss anything anymore…… we tantrum. It’s really a shame.

  8. Given the current political climate in California, they would ride him incessantly and protest and whine and cry and scream about him all the time. That’s just the way it is on the West Coast. I do agree with what another poster said….why use Twitter in the first place.

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