Jets sign Ty Montgomery

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The Jets signed Le'Veon Bell early in free agency and now they’ve signed another running back to back him up during the 2019 season.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Jets have signed former Packer and Raven Ty Montgomery to a one-year deal. Montgomery visited with the team on Thursday and was set to visit the Dolphins on Friday, but Miami will have to look elsewhere for backfield help.

Montgomery opened last season with the Packers, but was traded to Baltimore in late October after fumbling on a kickoff return he took out of the end zone in the fourth quarter of a loss to the Rams. Montgomery had been told to take a knee by the coaching staff.

Montgomery was a Packers third-round pick in 2015 as a wide receiver, but moved to running back the next season. He has 192 carries for 932 yards and seven touchdowns and 107 catches for 892 yards and three touchdowns over the course of his career.

He joins Elijah McGuire and Trenton Cannon as backups to Bell.

26 responses to “Jets sign Ty Montgomery

  1. This guy is a catch. McCarthy misused him out of desperation. Having said that, I wasn’t sorry to see him go. If Favre taught us anything, it’s that nobody is bigger than the team.

  2. Yeah, the guy’s a peach, a real special team’s ace. Good luck with that. I could just seeing him walking into a subway turnstile in the city and fumbling change all over the platform.

  3. He has talent, but surprised Ravens let him go. He’s bright enough to retool his career and become a valuable option.

  4. He couldn’t stay healthy in Green Bay, then he screwed up a winnable game. Hope he has more success with the Jets, because I would assume this is his last chance.

  5. Rob Brzezinski is a Magician says:
    April 11, 2019 at 6:06 pm

    Bust wide receiver who had some moments as a desperation gimmick running back. It was hilarious to listen to Packer fans explain how his 77 carries in 2016 would translate to bellcow RB status in 2017.


    I’m surprised Brzezinski didn’t help move money to acquire him. All of our players have been busts, particularly the QB position!

  6. He’s not a running back. I’m a Packer fan. I understand the circumstances when he converted to RB, and we appreciated his effort. But it was apparent he couldn’t take the beating,… even after he bulked up.
    He’s a slot receiver. Get the ball in his hands on a screen or a quick over the middle pass,…. and let him run.
    And he can be your punt and kickoff returner.
    Ty,…. drop the price on your house dude ! It’s never gonna sell in GB at that price.
    You stuck waaay too much money in it.

  7. .
    he was used as an RB in greenbay for only ONE REASON.
    all their RB’s got IR’d during the season.

  8. He caught it on the goal line. Not 5 yards deep. Easy mistake to make. Hope he does well in NY. He’s a playmaker.

  9. Montgomery is a versatile player, but he’s always hurt. Nothing special but when he’s healthy he can help the Jets.

  10. All I know is this: Aaron Rogers did everything he could to make this guy successful, and if he wasn’t, it wasn’t Aaron Rogers’s fault.

  11. Ty came into the league as a freakish WR who could make great catches and great plays. He was also a good return man. But for some reason, he would drop a lot of real easy balls. It was a mental thing because he showed great hands on lots of other plays. The Packers one year had so many injuries to RB’s, they decided to put Montgomery in as an emergency fill-in. He actually did ok, but I still think he could be a pro bowl type WR, if he can overcome those drops. Jerry Rice did it. He dropped tons of easy balls early in his career. He ended up doing ok.

  12. oilerjohn says:
    April 11, 2019 at 10:53 pm
    He caught it on the goal line. Not 5 yards deep. Easy mistake to make. Hope he does well in NY. He’s a playmaker.
    Um….no, he didn’t. He caught it 1 1/2 – 2 yards deep – plenty of room to just catch it and take a knee. He has no excuse for that boneheaded play.

  13. I was an eye-witness; 2 minutes left in the game and seated in a Green Bay Packer section at the coliseum, we all held our breath as the Rams kicked-off. The ball flew high, as high as our aspirations to watch Aaron Rogers pull-off a miracle-winning-charge down the field; we hoped! There was only 80 yards between where Rogers would begin and another Packer touchdown; the ball went far and Ty Montgomery caught it and…10,000 GreenBay fans suddenly and soundlessly stood up in disbelief as Ty didn’t take-a-knee; he ran the ball out of the end zone and Green Bay’s chances of a winning drive by Rogers AND the rest of the season disappeared, as did Ty, when he was quickly traded to another team the moment the Green Bay business office opened the next morning.

    It was later learned that Ty had been clearly directed to take-a-knee and that he had selfishly and recklessly ignored the Coach’s face-to-face directive with intent to PUNISH his own team for not allowing him to be on the field earlier in the game.

    The Jets will find out; Ty Montgomery is not trustworthy, nor a team-player.

  14. “He caught it on the goal line. Not 5 yards deep. Easy mistake to make. Hope he does well in NY. He’s a playmaker.”
    He could have let it bounce through end zone. Simply not caught it. To do his job he didn’t even need to touch the ball. There was 2:03 left in the game. Taking it out at all takes the two minute warning away. If he didn’t fumble it would have been incredibly stupid due to that. It was hero ball and he rightfully got shipped away for it. He wasn’t good enough for that type of crap.

  15. Ty definitely cost the pack the opportunity to win that game vs Rams… but anyone saying he “cost them the season” with that play is talking about a season being cost before the trade deadline… and that’s some illogical sour grapes.

  16. bspurloc says:
    April 11, 2019 at 10:30 pm
    he was used as an RB in greenbay for only ONE REASON.
    all their RB’s got IR’d during the season.


    Actually he was used at RB because he was bad as a WR. Couldn’t catch the ball downfield. Wouldn’t block.

    They moved him to RB to see if he could contribute and he had some success, but he couldn’t/wouldn’t pass block and was highly erratic. HE could make a play then would get stuffed, miss wide open holes and whiff on an easy block in the hole.

    Plus, I think he is a total head case.

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