NFL absorbs more than 40 AAF players

Getty Images

Following the implosion of the AAF, and in a misguided effort to inject some levity into the situation, a certain moron with whom you may be familiar set the over/under for Alliance players to be signed by NFL teams at 1.5.

If you bet the over, congratulations.

By our count, 44 players from the eight-team AAF have signed with NFL teams over the last week. While the over/under for AAF players who make final 53-man rosters may indeed be 1.5, a large chunk of the now-defunct league will get a chance to stick at the next level.

The fact that so many of these players quickly landed in the NFL underscores the reality that securing the ability to borrow NFL players who sign “futures” deals after the end of a given season would have done little or nothing to save the AAF. Indeed, the AAF already had 44 bottom-of-roster NFL players on its teams, and it didn’t matter.

It didn’t matter because the AAF ultimately failed because it didn’t have sufficient funding. And those various claims from the past year that the AAF had sufficient funding will fuel plenty of legal proceedings, which already have begun.