Rashard Mendenhall clumsily makes a point about criticism of athletes

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At a time when current Steelers players are pleading with former Steelers players to leave the current Steelers team alone, one former Steelers player created a stir on Friday morning with an accusation that he made on Twitter — nearly three hours before explaining that he didn’t really mean it.

Capping a stream of tweets in which former Pittsburgh running back Rashard Mendenhall, a first-round pick in 2008 who more recently has served as a writer on HBO’s Ballers, took issue with attacks on former Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, Mendenhall blurted out this: “Alright, I’ll end the mystery. . . [Ben Roethlisberger is] racist and [Antonio Brown is] black. He had to catch balls from a racist quarterback. Every honest player knows it, it’s not a big deal. He was just supposed to take his lickings and move on, like a slave for real.”

That tweet was posted at 4:45 a.m., and it stands alone and exists independently in cyberspace. At 7:44 a.m. ET, Mendenhall added this: “Clearly it’s no fun, when EVERYONE’s the accused. . . . Please allow the dialogue in sports to be equal. Why’s it so easy to shoot at one player, but not the other? B’s not racist. Just like AB’s not a dirtbag.”

Basically, Mendenhall didn’t mean that he regards Roethlisberger as racist. But the first tweet has received far more attention than the second tweet, which Mendenhall didn’t add to the original thread. Thus, many will have missed the second tweet, assuming instead that Mendenhall, who spent five years on the same roster with Roethlisberger, believes his former quarterback is racist.

17 responses to “Rashard Mendenhall clumsily makes a point about criticism of athletes

  1. Some bum that the team cast aside is taking a negative stance against the organization? Imagine that! Of course this no-name scrub is gonna pile on. It’s the only way he can become semi-relevant for a couple minutes, again.

  2. I can’t imagine why this idiot isn’t playing in the NFL anymore….

  3. Hilarious that everyone who has commented on this has missed the valid point that Mendenhall made. Even after Florio pointed out how the majority missed the 2nd tweet.

  4. Until Big Baby demonstrates leadership, the Steelers are going nowhere. He rode his defense for 2 SB rings and that’s about it.

  5. Such a shame idiots like this throw around the”racist” term with no regard for the seriousness of that accusation.

    At this point I’m afraid everyone in the country has been called a “racist” and the moniker has lost the rightful stigma it deserves for those individuals who really are racists.

  6. I understand why you are concerned about the 2nd tweet. The problem here is that once someone is labeled a racist (even sarcastically) that label will never be removed. In this day of selective journalism and warp speed retweets, the mere indication of someone being racist can be a career killer.

  7. Makes you wonder how people found stuff to report on before twitter. Virtually every article has something to do with someone twittering.

  8. Social Media is a crude, excessively-simplistic means of communication that creates more confusion and controversy than it actually ‘connects’.

    It is ignorant to continue believing that computing’s abilities ought to supersede our own natural abilities.

    Stop bowing down/yielding to Technology.

  9. Before Twitter, we assumed a lot of NFL players were uneducated morons. Now, they have a megaphone and spotlight to shine on their inadequacies. Social media sections are coming to NFL contracts.

  10. Antonio Brown saga just another example of why teams cannot give too much guaranteed money to players. Injury causes them to be non-productive. The huge amount of money they now make including signing bonuses causes them to become non-productive, in some cases. Look how much money has been thrown away by team (I give you Albert Haynesworth). Once a player is non-productive, his pay should go away as he is not producing. As Chuck Noll said, “it is time to go one to your life’s work”.

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