Report: Broncos not interested in trading for Josh Rosen

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If the Cardinals decide to trade quarterback Josh Rosen, we can apparently cross the Broncos off the list of potential destinations.

NFL Network reported today that the Broncos are not interested in trading for Rosen. Broncos General Manager John Elway passed on Rosen in last year’s draft and apparently hasn’t changed his view that Rosen is not the man to be the Broncos’ quarterback of the future.

Instead, Elway is going with Joe Flacco this year, and the possibility of drafting a quarterback either with the 10th overall pick in two weeks, or drafting a quarterback in 2020.

We still don’t know if the Cardinals even want to trade Rosen, but if they use the first overall pick on Kyler Murray, they’d likely be looking to unload Rosen — if they can get a decent trade offer for him. So far, it’s been hard to identify any team looking to offer much of value for the player the Cardinals took 10th overall last year.

18 responses to “Report: Broncos not interested in trading for Josh Rosen

  1. I’ve completely changed my mind about Rosen now…I was 50/50 on Josh Rosen because the Cardinals suck at evaluating QBs, plus they’re stupid enough not to build their offensive line before coaching up their QBs…Now if Elway doesn’t want him…he must have some serious potential…I’m 100% convinced Rosen can be groomed into a good if not great QB now! Just because the Cards and Elway think he can’t!!!

  2. The broncos should be interested. They are 100% dilusional at the QB position. They honestly think Flacco is their guy for the next 3-4 years.

  3. Josh Rosen is a significantly stronger prospect than Drew Lock and Daniel Jones. Lock’s footwork is an absolute disaster and his release point is all over the place. I think that Rosen struggles more against pressure relative to other starting caliber QB’s in the NFL but he has extremely strong fundamentals and footwork due to his tennis background. I am confident in the long term success of Rosen than of Lock or Jones

  4. The news just gets better every day for Rosen. First it’s rumored that he’ll be leaving Arizona. Then we hear Washington isn’t all that crazy about him. Now we hear he probably won’t be going to Denver. History brings up Jim Plunkett. The Rose Bowl winning, and overall #1 pick out of Stanford was originally drafted by New England, who was the worst team. Then he was traded to San Francisco, who had by that time, become the worst team. Finally, Al Davis picked him up and the Raiders won 2 super bowls with him. I guess those cellar dwelling organizations didn’t have any impact on Al’s ability to make clear decisions. Winning decisions. Josh Rosen is the elite franchise QB that every team is looking for, but they can’t always see what’s right in front of their noses. I expect Bill Belichick to eventually end up signing him.

  5. Even if the Cards draft Murray, Rosen can be their cheap backup QB. If Murray doesn’t pan out they’ll still have a young QB with potential to move back to a starter.

  6. Flacco will be behind center for the Broncos for the next 5 years. Perfect team for his skills.

  7. cardinalsfan87 says:
    April 11, 2019 at 2:42 pm

    Cardinals need to keep Rosen and draft defense!

    Agree 100% with keeping Rosen but with the 32nd ranked O-line I think they’d better address that O-line because with all the need(about 17 teams need O-linemen) there’s not going to be one worth drafting after their 1st rounder, especially since there are very few good ones in this draft. Sure drafting one with the #1 pick would be overdrafting them but the other alternative might just be to not get a good one at all!

    I’ve said it a million times, it all starts with the O-line! The O-line opens holes for the RBs, gives your QB time to throw and cuts down on your 3 & outs which is what wears a D out. A good O-line fixes so many problems! And you can’t truly evaluate a QB behind a terrible line.

    I believe getting rid of Rosen would be the absolute dumbest move the Cards could make, they’d basically be giving up last years 15th overall, a 3rd and 5th rounder and Rosen for what? Maybe a 2nd rounder in return and then to draft Murray puts them back to square one and it sets the team back another 2-3yrs!

  8. @ cardinalsfan87

    BTW I believe there could be a blockbuster 3 way trade to lead off the draft! Oakland trades Carr to Miami for the Fins 13th overall and another pick which would give the Raiders four(4) 1st rounders and they trade 2 of those first rounders to the Cards for their 1st overall! Two reasons I think this very well could happen 1) I don’t believe Miami is going to roll with Fitz this season at QB and 2) we all know how Gruden likes to have “his people”. And it’d almost be like he could have Murray for next to nothing, just a couple of draft picks they acquired and they’d still have 2 first rounders. I bet Gruden has images of Murray to AB dancing in his head already!

    Here’s a good question I heard the other day. Just say Rosen didn’t play in the NFL last year so you can’t judge him off of that, where would you put Rosen if he were in this years draft? I don’t know about anyone else but he’d be the #1 QB on my board hands down!

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