Manziel says “single goal” is to return to the NFL

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In short order, John Manziel was thrown out of one league and saw another one fold beneath his feet.

Now, he says he hopes to get back to the big one.

The former Browns first-rounder wrote on social media (where he’s still Johnny, apparently) that his goal remained to play in the NFL again.

“For everyone asking me what the next move is and all the crazy assumptions out there, I’ll be the one to set it straight,” he wrote. “I have one single goal right now and that is to get back to the NFL. Until that call comes or the opportunity presents itself I will be working every single day to be prepared. I plan on spending time with my family in Texas and getting back around the University I love with all of my heart. Thank you for all the support over the years it truly means the world.”

Earlier this week, XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck left the door open for Manziel, and it seems like a good marriage (a league that needs attention and a player that needs a chance to prove himself). And while Manziel sounds confident, he hasn’t been employed in the NFL in three years, and it doesn’t appear that anyone is in a rush to change that.

22 responses to “Manziel says “single goal” is to return to the NFL

  1. Unfortunately, I believe Johnny Football ‘s window has closed in the NFL. His best shot seemed to be the CFL and that didn’t end well( still not sure what happened up North). I believe he is being genuine in his latest comments but, really don’t know of a scenario where the NFL would be calling him back. Just go out and wow them in the XFL.

  2. You blew your chance multiple times kid. Your play isn’t the problem, it’s your lying, circus-like atmosphere you bring to the team that’s the problem.

  3. There is nothing he has done that would make him somebody the NFL would want other than what he did in college.

  4. That time has passed. He can’t stay out of trouble off the field, and he throws that football about as awful as Tim Tebow.

  5. Well now that he goes by John Manziel I’m sure he’ll have no problem finding a job in the NFL. I bet he saved his Cleveland money too and won’t have any problems if the XFL doesn’t work out. How’s the saying go? Fool me once?

  6. Stay out of trouble an it’s just a matter of time before Jerry signs you.

  7. Sorry to say but the bus left that station. I think he was immediately cut by the canooks for missing drug tests. He trashed himself again

  8. Johnny even with the state the NFL is in at QB you are still no where close to being an NFL caliber QB, get it through your head! You can’t even pass the 1st step, to read/memorize the playbook.

  9. He can play in my flag football league…..if he’s willing to play for free and submit to drug testing and sign

  10. I think he’s treating the CFL and the other leagues as court ordered community service,which he’s probably used to and doing the bare minimum,and that after paying his penance he will be automatically signed by some NFL team.When no team comes calling he will probably then play the victim.

  11. Please, is it finally Go Away SZN, starting with Johnny Footnote’s 30 for 03? (his careers don’t combine for nearly enough actual football to film an entire episode)

  12. Steve Cunningham, Johnny Footnote has never learned a single playbook, not even at the college or high school levels.

    His coaches back at College Station even dumbed down theirs to five or six plays and he still couldn’t grasp it. If not for Mike Evans’ acrobatics going after his wild jump balls, he wouldn’t have been drafted before day 3, if then.

    CFL plays a far more complex game, with 12 men on defense, everyone in motion and just three downs to score or move the chains.
    The Footnote never stood a chance with his lifelong crummy attitude toward watching film and learning the game.

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