Panthers sign Chris Hogan

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Chris Hogan won’t be back with the Patriots in 2019.

The wide receiver is moving on to Carolina. The Panthers announced on Friday that they have signed Hogan to a one-year deal.

Hogan won a pair of Super Bowl rings during his three years in New England and capped his run with the team by catching 35 passes for 532 yards and three touchdowns in the regular season. He spent three years with the Bills before moving on to the Patriots and has 194 catches for 2,610 yards and 18 touchdowns over his entire career.

Hogan will join DJ Moore, Torrey Smith, Jarius Wright and Curtis Samuel on the receiver depth chart in Carolina as the Panthers try to return to the playoffs after going 7-9 last season.

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  1. He’s a decent 3rd receiver.
    It says a lot that New England did not want him back.

    He averaged 550 and 4 TDs going between a #2 and #3 WR with Brady throwing him the ball.
    I would not expect much out of him in Carolina.

    He was great in the 2016 playoffs and he’s got a pair of rings now so he will always be another one of those Patriots heroes.

  2. Good guy but fell off Brady’s radar last year. Once that happens there’s no going back. Team will get another comp pick for him most likely.

  3. I’m just going to echo what most have written. Glad we signed him. He made significant contributions during his 3 years here. But it was probably the right time for him to move on. Happy he found a landing spot. Sorry that it’s going to be such a long commute to his LI home during the season to see his family.

    Given his background, he’s had an amazing NFL career.

  4. Could only get a 1 year deal. That tells me the Pats just did not want him back. Good kid, but his production dropped big time last year. Brady just wasn’t throwing to him much at anymore.
    Good luck Chris.

  5. He had some great games (playoff game against the Steelers in 2016, I think it was), but last year just wasn’t a good one for him, so nobody’s surprised he’s not back with the Patriots. I was hoping he’d catch on with the Jets or Giants, just because his wife and kids live on Long Island, where she is a resident physician. Both of them are from the NY/NJ area too, I think. Oh well, it wasn’t to be, and they’ll have to keep up with their commuter marriage.

    All the best to Chris. He’s a good guy and will be remembered in New England.

  6. His market must have been almost empty.

    Wish him well though. Great contributor to our run in the last few years.

  7. Good for him, got his rings. Might as well keep playing and making some money. Definitely had a down year this year but i am sure that SB Trophy means more than his stats.

  8. Hard worker and made significant contributions to Super Bowl runs and was often at his best in the post season. Last year he had trouble getting separation. Glad he’s getting another NFL paycheck since the Pats weren’t likely bringing him back and he’s got his rings.

  9. He’s a good receiver but unfortunately, his performance regressed a bit. He kept dropping passes and Brady got pissed at him a few times for running the wrong route. I could see this signing working out for the Panthers, though. He could be used to trick defenders into taking less focus off Christian McCaffrey.

  10. Hogan was open in the SB, Brady flat out missed him. How much Hogan has left in the tank is up in the air at this point.

  11. A good tough kid. Lost a step this past year. Don’t know if it was due to injury or what. He had big games when it counted. Always got downfield and won a lot of the 50/50 battles

  12. As New England has shown, they will not overpay for a player. It is rare if and when they do. Good for Hogan! I appreciate the contributions he made in his time there. With the exception of Curtis Martin and Adam Vinatieri, their plan works pretty darn well.

  13. He was a valuable contributor for NE, but last year he struggled to get separation, and struggled catching the ball. Not surprised the Patriots weren’t keen to bring him back.

  14. Will always remember this dude for the GREAT gamesaving catch he made against KC last year!

  15. Made catches when other teams went to sleep on him. I like him, but he was not scaring anyone. Hoping BBs comments about all the big receivers in the draft being hard to cover means he will get one or two.

  16. “Like Hogan. Average with Bills. Very good with Brady. Will see with Newton. Prediction: avg. again.”

    His statistics are actually nearly identical between his time with the Bills and Patriots. His career high catches in a season came in Buffalo.

  17. Too bad, he was really likeble, especially with his wild game face. Some favorite Chris Hogan highlights:

    -Jimmy G hits him with a bomb in week 1 against Arizona to open the season.
    -The playoff game vs. Pittsburgh.
    -3rd & 10 on the game tying drive in Super Bowl LI.
    -His TD in super bowl LII, probably the best offensive play in the game for New England.
    -The one-armed catch in the playoff game at KC. New England would have punted, down 21-17 with about 8 minutes to go if he didn’t haul in that pass.

  18. Big time catch on the comeback route to the left side of the field in the overtime drive against ATL.

    Caught the ball when the Pats really needed him to, JAX in the AFC champ game come to mind.

    Thanks Chris good luck.

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