Sean McVay: Todd Gurley will be a focal point on offense

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When Rams General Manager Les Snead discussed running back Todd Gurley‘s late-season knee woes earlier this year, he indicated that the team was going to work on ways to lessen his workload.

Gurley averaged 326 touches over the last three seasons and Snead said monitoring that so Gurley remained healthy and effective is “something we want to be intentional … and proactive” about in the future. During an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show Friday, head coach Sean McVay suggested that any change to his workload isn’t going to change the makeup of an offense that has relied on Gurley as its driving force.

“You can expect Todd to be a focal point of our offense going forward… He’s in a good place, he’s feeling good and will continue to be a central piece of our offense and I don’t see that changing,” McVay said.

The Rams matched the offer sheet that running back Malcolm Brown signed with the Lions as a restricted free agent and they could add another backfield option in the draft later this month, but McVay doesn’t sound like he’s going to radically change anything on offense. If that’s the case, there will be a lot of eyes on Gurley as the season winds down to see if his health does the same again this year.

10 responses to “Sean McVay: Todd Gurley will be a focal point on offense

  1. He said the same thing about Gurley in the Super Bowl. His knee issues have basically put an end to a promising career.

  2. Do you think Belichick would say something such as “So and So is going to be the focal point of our offense”

  3. He will be the focal point ……………… until he isn’t!! I wish the young man the best of luck but it would not surprise me at all if his efficiency drops off considerably. We already know that we can’t believe what McVay says. Pat attention to what they do in the draft and at the last cutdown.

  4. Gurley is fully guaranteed through 2020 and with massive dead-cap hits if they cut him before 2021, so they really have no choice to run him and hope he holds up. The Rams are really stuck with his contract. Not to mention, a lot of McVay’s success was tied to Gurley’s talents, so lets hope McVay can figure out something else.

    Gurely to IR sometime around week 8, it looks like he has the same type of knee issue from ACL surgery that Sam Bradford tried to play with, but only lasted a game or two before the knee got to inflamed and painful to play.

  5. Other than helping out Gurley’s ego, what purpose does a comment like that even serve? Given the amount they’re paying him, he’d BETTER be a big part of the offense if he’s capable of carrying the load. And if he isn’t healthy, they won’t be able to make him the focal point of anything.

  6. I have been maligned for saying this, but the Rams need someone or something to carry the load of Gurley’s absence, if of course he keeps having problems, which seems likely. Malcolm Brown and the other running backs the Rams have on this team will not cut it. Even though the Rams had a less than average defense last year, they lost the Super Bowl because of their offense. If Gurley had been fully healthy, maybe they would have won. Offensive linemen, running backs, tight ends that are actually productive…

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