Hayden Hurst thinks he was “just average” as a rookie

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The Ravens made tight end Hayden Hurst their top draft pick last season, and he didn’t do a lot. Hurst finished the season playing less than a quarter of the Ravens’ offensive snaps and caught just 13 passes.

So it’s not surprising that Hurst isn’t giving himself an A+ for his first season.

“For me, I think it was just average,” Hurst told The State. “I give myself a C. I think I’m capable of a lot more. But the foot thing kind of held me back.”

Hurst said he believes the Ravens are going to have a better offense in 2019, with a full offseason with Lamar Jackson running the show.

“I think everybody saw what our offense became with Lamar in there,” Hurst said.

The Ravens have prioritized the tight end position, drafting Hurst in the first round and Mark Andrews in the third round last year, and signing Nick Boyle to a big new contract this year. They want to be better than average at tight end going forward.