Jordan Taylor signs with Vikings

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After signing wide receiver Adam Thielen to a big new contract yesterday, the Vikings have signed a slightly cheaper wide receiver today.

Jordan Taylor has signed with the Vikings, according to multiple reports.

Taylor visited with the Vikings and Seahawks this week and was expected to make his choice soon, and he’s chosen Minnesota.

Taylor missed the entire 2018 season with a hip injury but had shown some promise the previous two years with the Broncos. The 6-foot-5 Taylor can create some matchup issues in the red zone and will have a chance to make the roster in Minnesota as depth behind Thielen and Stefon Diggs.

21 responses to “Jordan Taylor signs with Vikings

  1. Yeah totally he must like losing on a consistent basis.

    I love these few fans that are consistent on here continuing to babble, boast and blah blah blah about the defense and “Rob Brzezinski is a magician.” The Vikings haven’t won anything with the current team or any team in the past. We suck and we have a second string QB that is heavily overrated and over paid! Rob Brzezinski can make all the delusional fantasy moves you want to believe, but none of it matters until we finally win our first Superbowl.

  2. Good luck and best wishes ‘Sunshine’! Always hoped you would make it here (Denver) but wishing you all the best as a Viking! (Know Peyton does too).

  3. arealisticpackerfan says:
    April 13, 2019 at 6:22 pm
    The deep get deeper. Another year of watching Rodgers three hop WR screen passes to Adams again this year, I guess.

    and the pack fans cause a stir bye saying “US VIKE FANS” hogg there territory .
    and they run RAMPANT ON OURS , it’s not even football season yetand we are already getting this “MY DAD CAN BEAT UP YOUR DAD CRAP”.
    PERSONALLY , i’d worry about the BEARS/BROWNS/N.E this season.


  4. Cousins is a choker just like the franchise for which he is employed. Vikings really don’t have a chance with him as the QB. Plus that defense is so overrated, it really isn’t funny and it’s getting old listening to commentators gas them up. They got lit up by Buffalo. Enough said.

  5. Another big target that is already familiar with the system sounds like a good pick up.

  6. whatjusthappened:
    You seem to be a bitter young man. Maybe you should relax, take an underwater basket weaving class or something.

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