Chris Harris sending message with continued holdout

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While the Broncos will hold a voluntary minicamp this week, cornerback Chris Harris will remain in Dallas working with his personal trainer. Harris is making it clear he wants his contract reworked.

Harris, though, told Mike Klis of Denver’s 9News that his holdout won’t affect his play.

I’m ready,’’ Harris said. “This is easily going to be my best year this year. These next three years, I’m about to go crazy. If they want me to be here, I’ll go crazy these next three years; I’ll guarantee it.’’

Harris has one year left on his current contract, paying him $7.9 million. Kareem Jackson, who has four fewer Pro Bowls, signed a contract with the Broncos that will pay him $12 million in 2019.

Harris, 29, has made four Pro Bowls and was All-Pro in 2016. He made 49 tackles, three interceptions and 10 pass breakups in 12 games last season and has 471 tackles, 19 interceptions and 80 pass breakups in his eight seasons.

11 responses to “Chris Harris sending message with continued holdout

  1. You’re on a one-year prove-it deal, chief. Like it or not, you’re a 29 year old CB who didn’t play a full season last year. Still good, but not what he was.

  2. Elway, I’m always in your corner but you need to get this man’s new deal in place after the draft. If you don’t, not only will you lose the respect of the players you currently have but other FA will be even more reluctant to sign with the team. Stop being a cheapskate and pay a man who has more than outperformed his contract. Seriously, the QB whiffs, as terrible as they are/were, will pale in comparison to not getting a deal done with a guy who has played his heart AND took a hometown discount to stay with you round 1. Be true to the guys that give it back to you or lose my respect, that’s for sure.

  3. Pardon my holdout ignorance. 1 year left on deal but he guarantees three years of shutdown corner performance?

  4. Elway thinks he is bigger than everyone on Broncos Country and can do as he pleases without repercussion in regards to how he treats players… but I guarantee you 100 % of the fanbase is behind Chris. One of the most beloved Broncos players in a long time and it’s not going to go over well if he doesn’t reward this very deserving man with a new contract. He took a below market hometown deal last time and played his butt off. Pay him.

  5. He still has a year remaining on his last contract. Honor it or get paid nothing to watch the season from your couch.

  6. Why have contracts when it seems no one wants to honor them anymore. Players on a four year deal seem to want more year three, players on a three year deal want more after two etc. everyday , you read where a player is holding out because he wants mo money , even if he still is under a contract. Seriously, what the hell good is a signed contract anymore?

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