Does Russell Wilson want to stay with the Seahawks?

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When asked last month by Jimmy Fallon about a rumor that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson could end up with the Giants, Wilson said, “I’m not sure if the Seahawks are gonna let me get away.”

That response glosses over the more fundamental question of whether Wilson would like for the Seahawks to let him get away.

Per a league source, the Seahawks think that Wilson would like to play elsewhere, even if he hasn’t and wouldn’t ever say it. They also believe that this unspoken dynamic will cause Wilson to drive a harder bargain with them than he would with another team.

Yes, Wilson and his agent, Mark Rodgers, continue to talk to the Seahawks about a long-term deal. And, yes, under the right financial circumstances, Wilson will sign what would be a third contract in Seattle. But if the Seahawks won’t pay whatever it is that Wilson wants from the Seahawks, the question becomes whether he’d want that same amount from a different team.

The answer to that question won’t be known unless and until the Seahawks and Wilson fail to work out a contract before Wilson’s stated deadline of April 15, and whether the Seahawks would at some point explore the possibility of trading Wilson elsewhere. That may not happen in 2019, when the Seahawks can keep Wilson for a base salary of $17 million. It becomes more likely if/when Wilson initiates the year-to-year Kirk Cousins-style approach under the franchise tag, with $30.34 million becoming the price tag for keeping him in 2020 — and when Wilson’s leverage on a long-term deal would skyrocket, given that the franchise tag would move to $36.4 million for 2021 and, given the 44-percent rule for a third tag, to $52.43 million for 2022.

If Wilson would take less than what he could get from the Seahawks on a long-term deal, it becomes easier to trade him, since his next team wouldn’t be looking at the same astronomical investment. And that becomes a very real dynamic in the question of whether the Seahawks will devote the cash and cap space necessary to keep him, or whether they’d get what they can and start over with a young quarterback who would be making dramatically less under the rookie wage scale.

It’s a consideration that remains premature while the window remains open on a long-term deal for Wilson. But if/when April 15 without a long-term deal between the Seahawks and Wilson, the question of whether would take less from a different team becomes highly relevant to whether the Seahawks could find a trade partner, if that’s the route the team chooses to take instead of paying him unprecedented franchise-tag money on a year-to-year basis.

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  1. If Wilson doesn’t want to be there and demands a very high salary then the Seahawks should trade him now, when they can get more for him.

    A team won’t win paying a QB 40MM unless they already have their other key players in place and figure they will go all in for a couple of years before it falls apart. A good team that needs a QB (like the Vikings in 2017) may decide to pay up for 3 years.

  2. I say do away will all long term deals (no one sticks to them anyways) make them max of 2 years and let players and teams pick and choose who they want to be around.

  3. Take away the qb and the Seahawks and giants are similar teams. Wilson makes any team a playoff contender year in and year out

  4. now were getting to the more appropriate question. the narrative being pushed is the seahawks dont want a high dollar qb but russell might want to go somewhere more high profile. with a rising cap every year and about 10 real nfl qbs i cant imagine the seahawks wanting to get rid of him. and if so what rookie qb are you speaking of that they can just plug in and have him produce with nothing like wilson has the past cpl seasons?

  5. Franchises don’t traditionally trade good quarterbacks, but with salaries the way they are, they become harder to build a good team around. I think Seattle needs to find out whether or not he really wants to be there. If there’s any doubt at all, they need to get as much as they can for him now and not risk an injury that would make him untradeable later.

  6. You’re right that the team has no reason to trade him right now, as Russell has committed to playing his last contract year without crying about being underpaid,but it’s a reality that with other contracts for their best players like Wags, Reed and Clark all expiring, they are running out of options if they want to hold the team together as it is.

    Maybe Tom Brady can talk to Russell and explain that when your wife makes more than you do, it’s not really that important to be “the highest paid” in the NFL anyway and the team staying in contention should be more important.

  7. How about Russell Wilson traded to the Cardinals for their #1 pick, with which they get Kyler Murray for pennies on the dollar. The Cards finally get a QB who can get the ball to Fitzgerald with consistency, and keep developing Rosen. Win-win all around.

  8. I think he would like to stay in Seattle if he is treated fairly or respectfully, meaning he at least comes close to being one of the highest paid players in the game. If not, he is ready to shop himself around the league.

  9. Am I the only person who thinks owners wouldn’t say let’s have a meeting on the yacht (any given franchise player). Here’s say $10 mill in a boat bag. If you snitch you pay the taxes bc I have already, screw the cap number?

  10. The giant second contracts will dry up as teams keep cycling through low-wage rookies, then they’ll drop back to a reasonable range less than 20- to 25 percent of the cap when fifth-year QBs with plenty left in the tank want to continue playing.

    Hopefully, we won’t have too many seasons of poor football before the system re-sets itself.

  11. Derek Carr,Kirk Cousins,and the guy in San Francisco are paid more money than Wilson. I often wonder what some of these GM’s use to evaluate talent,and give 3 losers the type of contracts they got.Carr and Cousins ain’t t won a marble shooting contest, just look at their teams record,since they’ve been pulling the trigger.It surprises me how many posters say Wilson is not a very good qb and doesn’t deserve to be the Seahawks record since he started his rookie season,Seahawks record is better than about 30 other teams in the league.

  12. Wilson is the Seahawks. They will eventually come to terms and Wilson will say I love Seattle and always wanted to be here. The team will say we never thought about trading him.

  13. “explore the possibility of trading Wilson elsewhere. That may not happen in 2019, when the Seahawks can keep Wilson for a base salary of $17 million. It becomes more likely if/when Wilson initiates the year-to-year Kirk Cousins-style approach under the franchise tag”

    I keep reading this but what fails to be mentioned is he cam only be traded if he signs the tag. Wilson can easily wait til a few days before the season(or even into the season)to sign which means there would be very few teams with the cap room to trade for a qb making 30 million a year and Seattle has to keep that cap room open or relinquish his rights. If Seattle’s plan really is to trade him then now is the smart and possiblu only time.

  14. We love Russell here in Seattle and don’t want to lose him. That said, it’s clear to us that he is committed to building his “Russell Brand,” and I believe he would rather do that in a larger market. Same goes for Ciara.

  15. Instead of paying a few huge amounts of money the NFL should spread this money among the grunts getting battered for less than a million each year.

  16. Fallon was just being a fanboy of Wilson and a New Yorker. Wilson said “I love Seattle. Seattle is a special place”.

  17. He’s got his ring and knows the Seahawks aren’t close to winning again. He just wants to get paid as this will be his last contract.

  18. Wilson is asking for $40 million a year. Frank Clark is now at $17 million. Bobby Wagner at $14 million. Doug Baldwin at $13 million. Cap space is getting eaten up fast. Need to pay 45 other players also.

  19. trubroncfan07 says:
    April 14, 2019 at 11:20 am

    Happy Wife, Happy Life. Does not matter what Wilson wants, it what his lady wants. Sounds like he end up in NY.

    There’s no way Wilson is going to NY, even if the Giants cut Eli his cap hit is still about $12mil and they ONLY have $11.7mil of cap space so the math just doesn’t add up, they’d only have less than $25mil of cap space by getting rid of Eli and would still have a lot of other holes to fill = IT AIN’T HAPPENING!!!

  20. He’s just not worth that kind of money, period. Don’t hamstring the team for years with a Cousins like contract.

  21. Seattle really has no one to replace Wilson. None of his so called backups, are starters, or experienced enough.

  22. While Russell Wilson is a good quarterback the Seahawks had their most success when they look to be a run heavy team, which doesn’t warrant paying a QB the highest paid salary at the position.

  23. It’s like this girl I dated a few years ago. Super pretty and all that. But her tastes were too expensive. No I won’t take you to a 5-star restaurant but I will order you a pizza. Wasn’t good enough for her, so she had to be traded.

  24. I agree with SeattleGolfer, I think Wilson wants to build his brand and will want to go to a big city like New York or LA to do that. Wilson is a great talent but if he doesn’t want to be here long term then try to get as much as you can. Seahawks long term will recover as they can build both lines and draft a QB this year or next.

  25. I would say before Russell Wilson married his Wife he didn’t care where he played but knowing who is Wife is in terms with her Career it most certainly matters now.

  26. Wilson has never hidden his desire to go down as one of the greatest QB of all time. On a team that only passes 20 times a game he can’t put up the yardage numbers to accomplish that.

  27. Well in less than 30hrs the Wilson ultimatum is up so we’ll see if Russ is really holding all the cards the way some people are claiming! If he is we’ll hear about him being the highest paid QB before 12:00.

    I’m betting the clock strikes midnight on Wilson with no deal getting done!

  28. Seattle has always been a stepping stone city—just another case. Even in the business world people take a spin through the Seattle office in hopes of earning a promotion to a larger city and market. Don’t shame a guy for striving to better himself and his position in the world.

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