Report: Frank Clark trade talk has “died down”

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After the Seahawks used the franchise tag on defensive end Frank Clark in March, there was word that other teams were interested in trading for him.

That report came from Jay Glazer and the Bills were included as one of the teams that were open to the possibility of putting a deal together. Buffalo’s interest was refuted a short time later and it sounds like any other interest has also faded away.

In his mailbag column for, Glazer reports that trade chatter concerning Clark has “died down” over the last month or so. While he leaves open the possibility that a “phenomenal offer” sways the Seahawks, the expected outcome is Clark staying put.

The question in that case would be if he’s staying put on the tag or if he signs a long-term deal with the Seahawks. If it’s the former, Clark will make $17.128 million during the 2019 season.

8 responses to “Report: Frank Clark trade talk has “died down”

  1. Frank Clark’s numbers are comparable to Khalil Mack at the same point of their careers. Think I am crazy, look them up.

    That being said Cowboys set the market with their guy and 21 million is just too much for a non QB. Clark is basically the only proven legit edge rush threat but if they can an early 1st and a 2nd or 3rd on the draft they should pull the trigger. This might be the best pool of rookie pass rusher in some time.

  2. Funny how the Bills have been in on a lot of guys in the trade market and once the trade talks seemingly fall through a local reporter pops up with a source *cough* Brandon Beane *cough* saying they never wanted them in the first place.

  3. Another Seahawk,seeking to be paid the most at his position. Don’t these players feel any semblance of loyalty to their team. This mindset of being loyal as long as no one else is offering more $ really hurts the fan base. As a fan, it is nice to be able to identify your team with certain players year in and year out. The NFL today is all about MO MONEY and HIGHEST PAID!

  4. Russell Wilson is at $25 Million and wants more! Frank Clark at $17 million. Bobby Wagner at $14 million. Doug Baldwin at $13 million. Cap space is getting eaten up fast. Need to pay 45 other players also.

  5. I think that this is to be expected considering the great depth at pass-rusher in this draft class. However, there is bound to be at least one team that comes out of this draft that doesn’t land one of them and the interest in trading for Clark might just pick up.

    If I’m a GM, I wouldn’t trade for him prior to the draft either. There’s always a chance one of the stud pass-rushers falls in my lap and I get a future star for cheap. I wouldn’t want to hand-cuff myself into picking a different player.

  6. Tit for tat! One guy gets a new contract and everybody else thinks they need to renegotiate their contract.

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