Rumors fly of a possible Frank Clark trade

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It’s a fairly slow Sunday night in NFL circles, but a rumor making the rounds has gotten our attention.

There’s chatter on the NFL grapevine of a potential trade that would send Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark to a new team.

Jay Glazer recently wrote in a Q&A column for that trade talk regarding Clark has died down. Still, as of Sunday night, there are indications that something could be happening.

That something could be tied directly to the effort to sign quarterback Russell Wilson to a long-term deal. With $17.128 million in cap space devoted to Clark, the Seahawks could free up plenty of money for signing Wilson, whose cap number for 2019 currently sits at $25.286 million — and who has $8.286 million paid out in prior years counting against this year’s cap.

Per a league source, several teams called the Seahawks about trading for Clark last year, and they called again before 2019 free agency. The Seahawks now have to decide whether to get what they can for Clark, or to keep him for 16 more games at more than $1 million per week.

Before a trade could happen, Clark would have to sign the franchise tender. Which means that, as a practical matter, he’d have to be on board with the trade — because he could easily block it by refusing to put his name on the dotted line.

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  1. He’s good but pretty clearly the most overrated defensive player on the market. Just hope someone gives up a haul that they regret..

  2. There’s probably going to be plenty of rumors about Frank Clark and Clowney as the draft approaches because speculation. Maybe if a team misses out on some of the top pass rushers, we could see a deal swung for one of these guys. Not sure what they’re expecting back but it can’t be a ton; teams will have to pay/extend Clark or Clowney if they were to acquire them.

  3. He’ll be a 2019 Buffalo Bill if they decide to move on from him in Seattle. Beane was one of the parties interested when FA started, So If their asking price isn’t out of this world I’m sure something can be done up.

  4. The Seahawks probably think they are going to get something in the neighborhood of what the Bears gave up for Mack. I don’t think that’s unrealistic. Also, Clark wants a new contract and will probably want something in the neighborhood of what Dallas gave Lawrence. I don’t see that happening.

    The Seahawks only have ~$10M in cap space so if they can’t unload Clark then they are going to have a hard time giving Russell the $30M he wants.

  5. Frank Clark ain’t no Khalil Mack, who is a complete player, not just a pass rushing specialist. Seattle is not going to get what Chicago gave to the Vegas Raiders in exchange for Clark.

  6. Was never really that impressed with Clark on the field. I wouldn’t miss him if the hawks traded him which i think they should…

  7. LoL this would be a terrible move by the Hawks if they trade away their ONE and ONLY good pass rusher. With holes all over their secondary and no outside pass rush there defense would be absolute garbage this season, especially with only 4 picks in next weeks draft. The Hawks defense lacks talent, trading away arguably the best defensive player on their roster doesn’t help remedy that. Terrible decision if they trade Clark.

  8. I think a 2, 4 and a conditional pick in 2020 would net fair value for Clark. Seahawks can then net more picks by trading down in round 2 while keeping their 1st round pick.

  9. Going to the Jets for a 3rd Round pick this year and potential 4th rounder next year, calling it now. They need the cap space for Russ. Its a pure salary dump trade.

  10. Anyone thinking a 3rd and conditional 4th clearly has never seen him play. He will probably net a mid to late 1 and if he wasn’t a free agent looking for big $ would get more.

  11. Trying to figure out the answer from comments is very difficult. However, if one accepts the new designation of “pass rusher” vs. DE or LB, then it seems he will be of some significant value in the era of ever increasing passing in the NFL. And, while the Steelers sure need one, the dollars involved shut them out.

  12. Russel Wilson’s demand for a contract is the only reason the Seahawks will trade Frank. It’s sort of like the Vikings, pay a QB more than he is worth and weaken the entire team in the process.

  13. Chiefs have been tied to quite a few pass rushers and even in trade scenarios. Clark is a good fit for what Spags wants to do.

  14. A 25 year old DE who has averaged ~10 sacks the last 3 seasons. Yeah, they’ll get at least a 1st round pick for that guy. Anything else and you’re better off letting him walk next season and netting the 3rd round comp pick.

  15. today is decision day for Clark. If he doesn’t report they absolutely will trade him. has become backup leader of D to Wagner, so he’s worth a first, fourth and sixth or seventh. they only have 4 draft picks thus far this year. if he does report, all bets are off. zoom

  16. The Seahawks only have ~$10M in cap space so if they can’t unload Clark then they are going to have a hard time giving Russell the $30M he wants.

    Wrong. Treat it like an extension.

    The Packers added very little money to Rodgers existing contract. The third year, the first of the new deal, is the neck breaker.

    .. that is to say nothing of future cap increases.

  17. PhD says:
    April 14, 2019 at 10:27 pm
    John Lynch is pulling a Dee Ford double down and then they’ll take Quinnen Williams at pick 2. OMG!
    If Lynch does it, he will be looking for a new job before the end of the season.

  18. NFL teams are ruining themselves by overpaying QBs and getting rid of all of the other talent on the team. Seattle will likely pay what works out to be about 16.5% of their salary cap (on average over the next 4 years) while NO team has gone to the SB in the last decade with more than 12.4% allocated to the QB.

    What worth is a very highly paid (and very good) QB if the talent around him sucks because they can’t afford to pay others??

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