San Antonio businesses stuck with big bills after AAF collapse

Getty Images

The Alliance of American Football’s biggest success came in San Antonio. But the league still failed there.

Via Madison Iszler of the San Antonio Express-News, local business have gotten stiffed by the AAF following its implosion earlier this month.

Per the report, various hotels, a local university, and a school district have founded themselves stunk with “unpaid bills for hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

“I have been informed that there are a number of hotels — at least five — that have not fully been paid by the league,” San Antonio Hotel & Lodging Association president Liza Barratachea told the Express-News. “It’s a significant number.”

The good news is that the Alamodome’s invoice of $253,836 for San Antonio Commanders games and services will be covered by a $300,000 deposit that the AAF previously made. More businesses will wish they had demanded similar security from a league that claimed to be funded, but clearly was not.