Tiger Woods’ caddie had a Saquon Barkley jersey under his jumpsuit

Getty Images

I’d prefer a more lofty and grandiose way to jam Tiger Woods’ win at The Masters into this space, but I’ll stick with something basic and somewhat obvious.

Woods’ caddie, Joe LaCava, wore a Saquon Barkley jersey under his all-white onesie. The number and name could be seen from the back, through the white exterior. The front of the jumpsuit was unzipped enough to show the blue base color and the top of the number — without the NFL logo that appears at the bottom of the neckline.

Via Golf.com, LaCava has a habit of wearing shirts that pay homage to New York sports teams.

Given that LaCava’s boss won The Masters with LaCava in that jersey, the official blue Barkley may become the match to the red shirt Woods always wears on Sundays.