Tyrann Mathieu: Russell Wilson wants New York

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Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu is claiming to have some inside information about Russell Wilson‘s interest in leaving the Seahawks.

Responding to our post about the Seahawks thinking Wilson wants to play elsewhere, Mathieu took to Twitter and said that he knows where Wilson really wants to play: New York.

“Russ wants New York,” Mathieu wrote. “But you ain’t heard that from T.”

But we just did hear that from T, and while it would be easy to blow this off as a late-night tweet from a player who’s in no position to know the facts, Mathieu has spoken many times of how much respect he has for Wilson. It seems unlikely that Mathieu would go off half-cocked about a player he respects so much.

And, of course, Mathieu is far from the first person to suggest a Wilson-New York link. Rumors of Wilson eventually joining the Giants have been discussed many times this offseason. Wilson joining New York’s other team, the Jets, won’t happen because the Jets have Sam Darnold, but the Giants will be moving on from Eli Manning sooner rather than later.

It would still take an awful lot for the Giants to pull off a trade to acquire Wilson this year, and it wouldn’t be easy next year, either, given that the Seahawks can use the franchise tag to keep him. But there sure is a lot of smoke.

12 responses to “Tyrann Mathieu: Russell Wilson wants New York

  1. No way, same conference and NY just gave up OBJ for next to nothing. If this does come true Gettleman should be fired…again. Nice way to screw up 2 franchises.

  2. chief4ever says:
    April 14, 2019 at 8:17 am
    What is that other NY team? Oh yes, Buffalo. No one wants to go to Buffalo.

    Buffalo is the ONLY New York team. But Buffalo sorta doesn’t count if you’re from the east or southeast.

    The bottom part of Jersey roots for the Eagles.

    The Patriot fandom doesn’t get full on until you get to the other side of the Connecticut River.

    So the money part of NY/NJ and CT (Fairfield county in Ct, Northern NJ) root for the Giants or Jets. Big money too. Jets being a bit more Long Island-ish with Giants being spread out all over.

    So basically, they could never split a state with a team from out of state (Eagles). They’d prefer to live out of state and be called NY.

  3. New York would have been a good destination for Wilson if they still have OBJ. The best destination for Wilson would be a team with strong defense but needing a game manager to contend for the Super Bowl, IOW a team like Seattle was when Wilson was a rookie. Seattle right now does not have a strong D, so Wilson is not going to take Seattle to the SB. New York is not that kind of team either. Besides they have Eli under contract, and they cannot possibly have 2 quarterbacks making a combined 40 million or more. No team can do that. Besides, is Wilson really an upgrade at the QB position for New York? If not, why not just keep Eli and hope they can get lucky in the draft.

  4. Interesting rumor. The Texas Rangers drafted Russell Wilson. Wilson would come to spring training for a number of years and spend around 2-3 week chasing balls while he was the Seahawk’s QB. Then suddenly he’s going to spring training with the Yankees doing the same thing. Is that telling something about what Wilson is thinking?

  5. Problem is the Giants don’t have the cap space even if they’d cut Eli!

  6. The Giants don’t need Wilson. They need an offensive line to protect Eli for a couple more years and develop a rookie QB.

  7. Seems Wilson is really boxing himself into a corner here, with the demands of $35mil+ and the limited cap space that most teams have along with the stories we’re hearing of Ciara wanting a bigger market for her career that really, really limits Wilson’s options!

    Add it all up and the way I see it there’s only 1 option, Miami.

  8. The thing about Wilson is that he really needs to MOVE – even when allegedly staying within a ‘pocket.’ He prefers to float and partially scramble to find his passing lanes.

    So IF the Giants did try to obtain him, they could go away from the classic Oline “wall” they dont have but could likely pickup some mid-level O-linemen who can move & block fairly effectively to let Wilson find some time. Those guys are out there. The high priced guys are the “wall” guys. It could work and would be better than trying to use what they have for Eli – IF the Giants really want him.

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