Antonio Brown settles lawsuit over throwing furniture off balcony

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Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown has settled the lawsuit brought by a man who says his child was nearly hit by furniture that Brown threw off a balcony.

Brown and the plaintiff have agreed to a confidential settlement and the case is now over, reports.

The incident happened a year ago, when the plaintiff and his toddler son were walking near the pool of an apartment complex and were nearly hit by, according to the lawsuit, falling pieces of furniture including an ottoman and multiple large vases. Police were called and Brown was described as “agitated,” although he denied throwing the furniture.

Brown was also facing a separate lawsuit from the landlord of the apartment building, claiming Brown had damaged property. The current status of that lawsuit is unknown.

15 responses to “Antonio Brown settles lawsuit over throwing furniture off balcony

  1. Surprised the police didn’t arrest him. If he’d hit someone on the head with a vase or piece of furniture they would probably have been killed.

  2. I don’t want to defend Brown, but how do you sue someone because some furniture they threw ‘almost’ hit your child?

  3. How does someone win money for ‘nearly’ being hit? Exactly what damage was done to the guy or his son? I get that he was pretty ticked off that his kid was almost hit and i get that what AB did was completely irresponsible – but how exactly did this guy suffer anything when nothing actually happened to him? the landlord has a case, but i really don’t get how this guy does.

  4. I am not an Antonio Brown fan at all, and as a general rule can’t stand his antics. Was the kid physically injured? Was he even hit by the furniture? If he was, fine, sue him. If he wasn’t, on what grounds are they going to sue? Brown should be charged with disturbing the peace at the very least, but if it was his furniture and he didn’t damage anyone else’s property or actually injure someone, what can anyone sue him for?

  5. craniator says:
    April 15, 2019 at 12:06 pm
    I don’t want to defend Brown, but how do you sue someone because some furniture they threw ‘almost’ hit your child?


    What if someone “almost” shot you but missed? Would you be like….”ah just let him go.”?

  6. If he didn’t injure the guy or the kid why did he make an undisclosed settlement? Obviously guilty of something.

  7. Why oh why did the Raiders have to pick this guy up? Hope they have some depth at WR as insurance because he’s going to keep up the behavioral pattern and how long will Gruden put up with it? If the season doesn’t go HIS way he’ll end up pouting on the sidelines like a child and quit on his team again.

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