Ben Roethlisberger patiently waits for new deal

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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is grossly underpaid. And he isn’t making a stink about it.

Last year, both Roethlisberger and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had two years left on increasingly below-market deals, with Roethlisberger at $21.85 million per year and Rodgers at $22 million per year. But while Rodgers clamored for a new deal (and got one, worth $33.5 million annually in new money), Roethlisberger remained patient.

This year, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, at $21.9 million per year, has set an April 15 deadline for a long-term deal to replace the last year of his current contract. Roethlisberger, entering the last year of his own deal, has said or done nothing to apply pressure, directly or indirectly, to the Steelers.

This isn’t about knocking Rodgers or Wilson for trying to get better deals; every player with leverage should. But it’s noteworthy that Roethlisberger, who routinely receives criticism for being a bad teammate and leader, hasn’t done something that even a good teammate and leader would be justified in doing: Trying to get more for himself and his family.

Roethlisbeger may indeed get more, but he’s not driving the kind of bargain that Rodgers was a year ago and Wilson is now, even if Roethlisberger could. Although he’s a far cry from Tom Brady‘s bargain-basement contracts, if Ben were as selfish as he’s portrayed it would be very easy for him to make comments about his substandard deal, and to instigate via his agent the kind of agitation that would force the Steelers to eventually choose between a franchise-tag fiasco or a trip to the open market.

With a cap number of $23.2 million this year, Roethlisberger could put the Steelers in position to pay $27.84 million in 2020, $33.4 million in 2021, and $48.1 million in 2022. But the possibility of a year-to-year cap mess or a departure from Pittsburgh has never even landed on the radar screen of possible outcomes. Which conflicts sharply with the manner in which many choose to regard Roethlisberger.

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  1. Touché. Although I do believe Ben knows he will get paid, given no franchise QB waiting in the wings. In a way, by waiting he will likely get more than AR or RW at least in the next 2-3 years.

  2. and cut the Brady is a low paid player stuff, I don’t think anyone really thinks he is only playing for that much money…with the morals that organization has shown it’s a sure thing they are paying him off the books somehow…

  3. He didn’t have time to worry about his pocketbook. He was too busy throwing Bell and Brown under the bus to the reporters every time he was interviewed.

  4. Extend a year or two at most don’t over invest on a player on the backend who was already talking retirement!

  5. Next mike will say The nfl should just lift the salary cap and let teams spend whatever they want like basketball and baseball lol. i think mikes a lawyer at heart you missed your true calling in life!

  6. There is most assuredly a QB, not yet born who is grossly underpaid and Florio will be writing another hallmark column on how this unfertilized egg’s contract compares to Aaron Rodgers’ contract.

  7. I didn’t think Ben was great at patiently waiting for anything.
    – College girls of Greater Pittsburgh

  8. “These are the Days of Our Lives…”

    The Steelers are now laughingstocks of the NFL. Incompetent owners. Players who prefer to quit rather than win. A QB who can’t improvise and makes the same mistakes over and over. A HC who has been exposed as a fool and was captured trying to trip an opponent on live TV. Joke franchise since PEDs have been illegal…

  9. Why do you always make the starting point of all contract negotiations the average of 3 years worth of franchise tags?

    Ben, as great as he was/is, is still an aging QB who has recently contemplated retirement. $20-$25 million per year seems reasonable to me.

  10. Run the race in such a way as to win. When your time comes, be worthy. Then sign on the dotted line with dignity…

  11. “In terms of career earnings, Brady has made more than any other active quarterback.”
    this from a couple of years ago, he has since signed another 40+mil contract
    I don’t get why so many say he is so underpaid- is he below the max contracts we see? yes, but he is often taking money up front to lower cap hits
    plus, is he a “system qb” or a ‘dink and dunk’ guy like so many claim? If so, then why should he be paid as the best? There are just so many factors that don’t seem to be taken into acct. when actually assessing this, and too many people just say, well his wife is super rich, so he can afford to take less…
    the reality is he understands it takes a TEAM to win, and he is handsomely paid as well, why so many continue to push the narrative that he is vastly underpaid is just for hype imo

  12. Let Big Ben go! To much drama only factored in 1 Super Bowl so who cares?? Move on Steelers please!!

  13. said it before. BR is a GREAT H.O.F QB that (in my mind) gets his fair share of criticism again and again and just keeps ballin at a very high level. he knows he has plenty of dough. not being first and foremost on his mind, his contract, proves to me he`s a sincere guy that just wants to play football.

  14. i feel like ben is one of those guys whose skills will greatly diminish from one year to the next. how deep does pittsburgh want to get with him? hes 15 years in already and can still sling it but do they think he is really going to perform at a 30 mil level for the next 5 years? i dont think they feel that way. i think mason rudolph may get a chance sooner than later as ben will likely finish his career somewhere else. i have a feeling tomlin will be gone as soon as next year if they miss the playoffs and ben will be out at around the same time, either because he is sick of the heat and requests a trade or he gets outright cut and they start over.

  15. I think Ben has had a lot of issues with coaches, teammates, and the law. He must understand that if he makes a stink about his contract, the fans and media will come down on him hard. He will get a market deal, but I doubt he wants any part of a public leveraging act. In addition, he continually mulls over retirement, so that may not go over well either.

  16. These comments about Ben retiring are dated… it was made clear that Ben was saying that to publicly send a message that EVERYONE already knew… he wanted Haley gone.. and back then there was also whispers that he also did it cuz there was a growing issue in the locker room with #84… at the time NO ONE even assumed Mr Big Chest was as big a issue as he became… the Steelers have done a great job of masking their issues for years… but eventually that pimple had to pop… Haley is gone and Ben had a monster year with a ROOKIE OC…. and Bryant wanted to rock the boat… GONE… Bell.. GONE.. Brown.. GONE… the issues are getting weeded out… its just a lot of people love to hate on Big Ben… yall can hate allllllll the way to Canton when he takes that place over just like Bettis did a few years back!! #SteelerNation

  17. He doesn’t deserve praise for this. As a bengals fan I once marveled at and envied the consistency and professionalism of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    They are no longer the same organization.

    AB, Big Ben, Pouncey, Ju-Ju, Pouncey, among others, are starting to resemble the bengals that I was always most disappointed with. They have new Marvin Lewis in a similarly lacking head coach when it comes to personnel control, and player discipline, and clock management.

    Even as a rival, I hope it turns around.

  18. 1. He was talking about retirement a year ago.

    2. His lack of leadership lead to Antonio Brown leaving.

    3. He is 37, not 30 like Russel Wilson. How much longer will he be productive? Will he be like Tom Brady? Or will he decline faster?

    If I were teh Steelers I’d certainly want to resign him, but not for a Russel Wilson contract.
    I’d rather tag him twice, and let him walk at age 40.
    That way there is zero risk in cas eof serious injury.

  19. Ben should follow the contractual steps taken by Rodgers; say nothing, do nothing, trust the process, and be grateful with the result. Despite what haters contend, that is exactly how Rodgers handled himself, and, he won’t care the least about being passed (again) by Wilson or the inevitable others. That’s the truth of it.

  20. Typical Steeler fan flashing the pom poms! Lil Ben jettisoned all the other high earners on offense so he can cash in. Bye Bell and Brown, hello $$$$$! Keep drinking the Kool Aid MF

  21. and cut the Brady is a low paid player stuff, I don’t think anyone really thinks he is only playing for that much money…with the morals that organization has shown it’s a sure thing they are paying him off the books somehow…
    100% true. Brady’s TB12 company gets paid by the Pats for Training fees, incredulous!! Wish they’d report that

  22. “cincinnatikid13 says: Why do you always make the starting point of all contract negotiations the average of 3 years worth of franchise tags?”

    ^ This right here is exactly what’s wrong with NFL free agency. Agents (and Mike Florio) use the Franchise Tag numbers as starting points for negotiations, which is complete baloney.

    There is no guarantee that any player will stay healthy and perform at a worthy level past the first Franchise Tag application; therefore, the “guaranteed money” on years two and three are simply not part of the equation. They’re best-case scenarios for the player, not launching points for contract talks.

    The Franchise Tag was conceptualized as a way for teams to prevent losing their best free-agency eligible player each year, and the huge monetary commitment is there to give the player some financial security in exchange for carrying the injury and performance risks and to punish teams for not getting a contract extension done in time. It’s been hijacked by lawyers who pitch the best-case scenario to clients and it is ruining the league.

  23. jfcarter222 says:
    April 15, 2019 at 11:17 pm
    Let Big Ben go! To much drama only factored in 1 Super Bowl so who cares?? Move on Steelers please!!

    Ben’s been to 3 SB’s, won TWO of them. If it wasn’t for that malcontent Mendenhall, would have won 3 of 3! What are you? Stupid or something?

  24. Rudolph is ready to take over now. Let Ben go! Some other GM will overpay for him.

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