Eli Manning only thinking about “right now”

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We’ll find out next week if the Giants pick a quarterback early in the draft and begin setting the stage for a future without Eli Manning, but next year isn’t something that’s on Manning’s mind right now.

Manning is entering the final year of his contract and the team’s plans for their longtime starter have been a major talking point for the last couple of years. On Monday, Manning showed little interest in participating in that game.

“Yeah. I’ve never concerned myself with that,” Manning said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. “I think every year I’m just worried about that next year. I’m thinking about right now, this team, getting wins and doing whatever it takes to be a good teammate.”

Manning’s focus on the present doesn’t blind him to what’s going on with the team. He said he figures the team will get a young quarterback, but that he still has to “go out and play quarterback and win football games” until the team puts someone else in that spot.

The team’s been cagier about its plans for the draft (or other avenues to pick up a new quarterback), but it won’t be long before everyone has a clearer idea of the timeline for what will be a major change to the Giants lineup.

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  1. As in “right now, Daddy is saying I’m gonna play 3 more years, so that’s what I’ll do.”

  2. Not an Eli fan, but that’s the correct response. Willing or unwilling the team is going to do what the team is going to do. Best he can do is do the best he can.

    He’s a vet. He’s seen team mates come and go. I imagine he’s seen more than his fair share of team mates with gas left in the tank let go. He knows how the game is played.

  3. What does Eli care? He’s already made a huge amount of money and the Manning family as a whole is beyond filthy rich. He even got away with his fake game worn merch scam. He can retire today and not worry about anything for the rest of his life.

  4. Eli is within 12 picks of surpassing his brother Peyton on the All Time Interceptions List so if he can’t do it with the giants, he will play elsewhere until he reaches his goal and ultimate family bragging rights into eternity.

  5. I think Eli is getting an unfair rip for all of the Giants losses the last 5 years especially considering the fact that they had one of the worst O-lines in the league those 5yrs and the last 3yrs the G-mens O-line was ranked 25th(2018), 26th(2017) and 20th(2016) and they haven’t ranked above 20th for those 5yrs. Until last season they didn’t have a running game and also 3 out of those 5 yrs their D gave up over 400 points and 4 out of those 5yrs they were the worst D in their division. No QB is going to look good or win a lot of games with all those problems and it amazes me that not a single one of these so-called Pro’s and experts have even noticed it, if they have why hasn’t a even 1 mentioned it?

    Fact is the Giants have so many other problems that I think they are trying to fill those holes and build the team around the QB potition which is smart because you can win with an average QB and a good O-line and good D, you can even win with a bad QB, an average O-line and a great D(think Ravens 2000), but you won’t win much even with a great QB when they’re behind a horrible O-line and have a terrible D! And for the Giants to move up to get a QB they’d have to give away picks which would hurt the team in those other areas that really need to be improved. They could have drafted a QB last year but he’d have looked as bad as Rosen or worse on that Giants team. If NYG don’t improve that O-line and the D they don’t have a chance this season and I don’t care if you’d put Brady, Brees or Rodgers at QB!

  6. I can see it now. The team finally decides to move on, Giants fans rejoice, Eli ponders retirement but decides to play a couple more years elsewhere…and pulls a Kurt Warner.

  7. Steve Cunningham says:
    April 15, 2019 at 5:44 pm
    Eli is getting an unfair rip… one of the worst O-lines last 3yrs… ranked 25th(2018), 26th(2017)..
    PFF put them 21st in 2018, not 25th. But while the o-line has been below average of late that doesn’t explain away the fact that Eli’s entire career passer rating is only 84.1. Before the o-line got blamed for his poor rating, Eli-fans blamed his weapons, blamed the coaching, the defense.. but the fact remains if he was a much better QB the o-line’s stats and ranking would prob look somewhat better (e.g. 14th instead of 21st). For while it’s true a bad o-line makes a good QB look average, it’s also true that a great QB can mask a mediocre o-line – and thus a mediocre QB will conversely lower the o-line’s stats.

  8. The only thing Manning is thinking about is how long he can con the Giants he is still Good.

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