Giants will bring Dwayne Haskins in for a visit

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As the Giants continue to ponder Life After Eli (a series with more seasons than anyone may have expected), they’re going to spend some time this week with another possible replacement.

According to Dan Hope of the Ohio State website, quarterback Dwayne Haskins will visit the Giants this week, after previous meetings to Washington and Denver.

It’s a bit of a hometown trip for Haskins, who grew up in nearby Highland Park, N.J., and he’s made no secret of how happy it would make him to return home.

The Giants met with him after his Pro Day workout as part of their evaluation.

But with reports that Haskins stock may be slipping, it will be interesting to see if that holds. The Giants pick sixth and 17th overall, and the conventional wisdom seems to be that the first of those picks will be on a defensive player. If they try to wait for 17, other quarterback-needy teams will be stacked in front of them (including Denver at 10 and Washington at 15), which could make it harder to land either Haskins or another quarterback.

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  1. Eli Manning won two Super Bowls
    and never totaled near 4831 yards
    in any college season.

  2. What happened to that Lauletta kid they drafted last year? Did they give up on him already?

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