If there’s no deal, which teams should call the Seahawks about Russell Wilson?

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So if the deadline imposed by quarterback Russell Wilson on the Seahawks comes and goes without a new contract, what happens next?

Here’s one thing that should happen: Other teams without short-list franchise quarterbacks should call the Seahawks to inquire regarding what it would take to get Wilson via trade.

That doesn’t mean he will be or should be traded. It means that, in the never-ending process of due diligence done to determine whether a team can be upgraded via the presence of a new player, it makes sense to make the call and see what it would take to get Wilson now.

It also would make sense to find out what Wilson would want from a team other than the Seahawks. There’s a sense that he’s driving a hard bargain with the Seahawks so that he can get to another team, and that with another team he’d want less than what he wants from the Seahawks. Because, however, agent Mark Rodgers represents only one NFL player, getting information about Wilson’s expectations without committing an easily detectable violation of the tampering rules will be difficult to do.

If Wilson were represented by an agent with clients on every team, any team could contact officially Wilson’s agent about a player on that team, and then unofficially ask about Wilson. With Rodgers having no other clients, there’s no reason for any team to talk to him, other than to talk about Wilson.

Thus, if a trade has any chance of happening, the Seahawks at some point would have to grant permission to Wilson and Rodgers to speak to other teams. Without a chance to negotiate a long-term deal with Wilson, the chances of a trade would be minimal, since the new team would be getting him for one year at $17 million, plus the prospect of a year-to-year franchise tag that starts at $30.34 million for 2020, continues at $36.4 million for 2021, and ends at $52.43 million for 2022.

Still, plenty of teams should at least inquire about Wilson. From the Dolphins to the Bengals to the Titans to the Chargers to the Raiders to the Broncos to the Giants to Washington to the Lions to the Cardinals to maybe a few others, adding Wilson could dramatically change their prospects, in 2019 and beyond.

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  1. You are going to give up a ton of picks.
    Have to resign him to the largest contract ever for a QB and immediately hamstring your team.
    That narrows it down dramatically to a team with a small window that wants to try and get a ring in 3 or less years.

  2. I’m sure there are several teams that would like to have Wilson but there may not be any willing to pay him 30 million every season.

  3. Raiders get Russell Wilson and Frank Clark.

    Seahawks get Derek Carr and 2 first round picks this year (including 4th overall), a 2nd rounder this year, and a first next year.

  4. Broncos are out. They think they have the answer with Flacco lol. That is true though. Makes this sad that they are so dilusional.

  5. The only team that should think about trading for Russell Wilson is the team that has a super bowl caliber roster, no quarterback and $30,000,000+ million in cap space.

    But that team doesn’t exist.

  6. Nice headline but no pressure needed. If they let him get away, the whole front office should be replaced.

  7. Uhh, in a bizarre 3-way negotiated by Robert Craft and an illegal Chinese “massage therapist”, the Patriots trade Brady to Seattle; Seattle trades Wilson to KC, and KC trades Mahomes to New England. You read it here first.

  8. Well, obviously us.
    We’ve had absolutely no luck at drafting and developing our own, and our wild stabs at signing veteran signal callers has been scattershot at best.
    We’ve been throwing darts in the darkness for more than 50 years, so what’s one more try.

  9. Seahawks are one of the original teams to build the blueprint to winning a SB around a cheap effective QB on a rookie deal.

    Why not ask NY for both their 1sts this year as well as a future 1st next year?

  10. A bunch of good picks for a guy who wants to be the highest paid player in the league ? No thanks, I’ll pass. I’ve never read where anyone thinks he is the best QB. Why would you want to make him the highest paid and give up multiple 1st & 2nd round picks ?

  11. I find it funny that Ciara thinks any change of city will help boost her career. But in all seriousness; wherever Wilson goes he will flounder, Carroll/Schneider obviously have a system that works for us but look at all the HOF careers that blossomed when everyone else skipped town to chase the money. Just let the Giants bank up the Brinks truck so we can be done with this. Ps- I’m totes fine with Paxton Lynch tanking for next season so we dominate the top 10 draft picks.

  12. His wife’s business keeps her in NY and LA a lot. They would both rather be in one of those two city’s so they can live together year around.

  13. Denver. Denver. Denver. Denver. Elway: Give up on the tall guys. Wilson is a WINNER at every level. PLEASE replace Joe Flacco before we go through another rotten season. I love the new coach, I love the defense and the roster. Need a winner QB to make it all go now!

  14. I think the Broncos would do what it takes to get Wilson. Flacco has no guaranteed money on his current deal so getting rid of him wouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

  15. Funny, Wilson can set whatever deadlines he wants but they are meaningless. Unless he plans to sit out the next several years, the Seahawks can keep him under contract at reasonable pay, for a QB. If he happens to suffer a career ending injury in the next 3 years, they can just let him go. I expect them to keep Wilson and more or less ignore his demands, unless they get an offer they can’t refuse. Or not.

  16. In an insane three-way trade, the Patriots will wind up with Russell Wilson, the Seahawks with the Giants 6th and 17th overall picks, and the Giants with Tom Brady and Eli Manning. Giants will release Brady soon after.

  17. Someone who’s OK with never being able to sign anyone else for years because Wilson’s contract

  18. There is no way the Fins are trading this year for a 30 year old QB. To keep mentioning them as a trade possibility in your articles underscores the fact that you have not been listening to Ross or the new regime in Davie. They are intent on building a young team from the ground up … for the future.

  19. It’s going to turn into the next Kirk Cousins scenario. They’ll franchise him for a year, maybe 2 (doubtful) and then he’ll walk. I’m surprised that Seattle is dropping the ball here and I think Wilson was serious about the deadline. He makes WAY more money by being franchised for a year (30 mill guaranteed next year) and then getting a huge contract with guaranteed money. His deadline was to see if the Hawks were committed to him and he was doing them a favor.

  20. Not a Seahawks fan, but if I were them I wouldn’t do anything other than let him play it out and slap the FT on for a year or two. They have him for 3 more years at an average of 28 mill per season going that route and keep him through his age 33 season. Gives them time to draft somebody and have them sit behind him for a year then wish him well with somebody else.

  21. How about the Vikings trading for Wilson? I’d give Seattle Cousins, our first and second round picks, and several million in cash.

  22. So the Giants trade for him, lose 2 1st rounders this year, another 1st next year, and likely a couple of 2nd-3rd rounders between now and the 2020 draft. Now we have a great QB in his prime with zero ability to add top notch pieces around him until 2021. Yeah….that makes a ton of sense. If the Giants were this stupid Id seriously have a problem watching them again. Thats the sort of insane trade that kills a franchise for a decade, especially when you factor in how much Wilson would cost.

  23. Vikings get Russell Wilson and a 7th rounder next year

    Seahawks get Cousins, the 18th pick this year, and a 2nd and 7th next year

  24. Which teams? Any that feel they are only a QB away from a championship. Because they won’t be able to afford any other player additions, and, won’t have a “QB of the future.”

  25. Which team would be stupid enough to gut their team and screw up their cap for the length of the contract for a good QB? Only the Vikings come to mind.

    It is a ridiculous idea to give a player a percentage of the cap much like it was dumb to give a QB a fully guaranteed multiyear contract.

  26. ” If they let him get away, the whole front office should be replaced”

    You forget that Pete won many years at USC with different QBs. 2 in a row were MVPs. He knows how to coach and handle their sensitivities (translation= he knows the drama of prima donnas).

  27. You know how most big money free agent signings don’t work out? Or don’t work out as well as hoped? Now imagine trading draft picks for the right to give out that contract.

    Trading for the right to pay a guy market value is dangerous territory.

  28. At what point does the QB make too much money? No QB has ever won a SB when they cost more than 12% of the salary cap?

    This is a team game, right?

  29. If my Hawks screw this up, there will be a lot of season tickets for sale. They already got rid of our entire team to build around Wilson. If they let him walk, stands will be empty and heads will roll. There are more talented QB’s in the league, but only a few TRUE franchise QB’s. Plenty of people can put up good numbers, but Wilson has skills, media savvy, local hero status for community PR stuff, a clean arrest record, plus a Super Bowl ring ( from the only SB win in our history). Look no further than the Cleveland Browns or Minnesota Vikings to see how hard it is to find someone of that caliber to fill the most important position on the field.

  30. Come to New Orleans. Brees has one year left and then Wilson can step in and take control of a Super Bowl Contender.

  31. It will be the Raiders, how else would Del Rio know. And, it fits perfect for Ciara in Las Vegas. Gruden is running the team and doesn’t like rookie QB’s, so there is no logic behind anything he does, but Russell can throw deep to AB. Also, the Raiders have 1st round picks to spare this and next year. The Sands or Caesars will put up the escrow money for Wilson’s guaranteed contract and Ciara will get a residency at their casino. It is the splash the Raiders need to drive ticket sales in their new stadium. Seattle drafts Murray, wins Superbowl again under cheap QB deal in 2021. Carr gets cut, because no one will trade for his current contract.

    The Giants need help everywhere specially after getting rid of OBJ, to sacrifice picks would doom the team for about a decade with Wilson’s high price contract, kind of like Eli is doing know.

  32. Who should call? A team that thinks that Wilson, who last made the Super Bowl 4 years ago (and failed to score in 2 out of 4 quarters of it), has his best football ahead of him and can overcome the hurdles of starting over with a new coach, scheme, and likely overall team quality to do better than he’s already done with a team that has been optimized for him.

    It could work; Peyton Manning wheezed to a trophy with a team that was in peak form outside of him. But looking at the current landscape, I don’t see a team that has the money and is that close to contention.

    The Seahawks are probably a good draft or two away from serious SB contention. He goes anywhere else, it will likely look more like LeBron in L.A. We’ll see what his priorities are.

  33. Wilson can’t carry a team. He couldn’t even win a 2nd SB because he threw a game ending interception. Trade the bum!

  34. Before answering you people might want to go check the salary caps of those QB needy teams, there’s only a few that can even afford him! The Fins, Raiders, possibly the Bengals and one that no one is mentioning the Titans, they can’t be happy with Maroita after just 1 average year and 3 below average seasons out of the #2 oveall pick! I’d expect a lot more out of a #2 oveall, but HEY maybe that’s just me.

  35. If I was Wilson, I’d give Pete Carroll the “bird” like Thomas did. For those that study QB’s, Wilson is one of the most accurate pocket passers in the NFL, yet, his rep that he’s just a run around sandlot qb. Not true. He is top 3 in PFF, deep passing accuracy and reason he and Lockett teamed up for a perfect 158.3 rating in 2018.

    The difficulty of throws he’s number 2. Only Lockett gets much separation. Doug Baldwin never has. Wilson threads needles but threw the fewest passes in the playoffs even though he was on fire with accuracy. Plus, on a per game basis, threw the fewest QB passes in the regular season.

    Pete C is an imbecile and Russ should tell Pete to keep his RUN RUN PASS O and stick it. RUss deserves to show what he’s capable of and Pete’s O will not allow for that until the 4th qtr when the Hawks are down by 10 and suddenly RW is unleashed to pull off miraculous comebacks.

    Force a trade, RW, you deserve better than old man Carroll who needs to retire. THe game has passed him and his conservative O and D by.

  36. This is the issue when you have top 5-10 QB’s.

    They’re hard to find. 80% or more of the negotioans is the agent asking for the moon. The agents job is to get as much for his/her client as possible. Otherwise, what’s the point of an agent.

    As a Seahawks fan, I don’t blame Wilson. He’s not negotiating. His agent is trying to maximize his clients earnings. That’s the agents job.

    I understand but, it still sucks.

    It’s also why I have detached myself from players.

    Players come and go. For the most part, teams remain. We as fans follow the team more than the player. Yet, we wish all the high end, top notch, etc. players would do what we ask.

    It doesn’t happen often.

    Hope he stays without a team killing salary. If it is, see ya Russ! Appreciate what you’ve done!

  37. Vikings.

    Spielman needs another mover and shaker.

    The Cousins honeymoon should be over mid season…

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