Packers wanted to bring Daniel Jones in, couldn’t arrange

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The Packers bringing Missouri quarterback Drew Lock in for a visit wasn’t just a one-off chance to meet a particular guy.

They’re apparently trying to cast a wide net.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Packers were trying to arrange a visit for Duke’s Daniel Jones, but were unable to get him in.

Teams can only bring players in for visits until Wednesday, and are then limited to on-campus workouts between then and the draft.

The Packers hadn’t been linked to quarterbacks in this year’s class prior to the Lock news, and attempts to check out multiple quarterbacks suggests a broader interest.

They’re obviously secure for the near future with Aaron Rodgers, but few teams in the modern NFL have been as effective stacking and stashing multiple quarterbacks. That strategy goes back to Ron Wolf’s tenure as General Manager, and they were always able to flip spare parts because they were fortunate to have Brett Favre and then Rodgers.

12 responses to “Packers wanted to bring Daniel Jones in, couldn’t arrange

  1. Ron Wolf loved stacking talented quarterbacks. Once had Brett Favre, Mark Brunell, Ty Detmer, and Kurt Warner on same roster. Least experienced was Warner so had to let him go.

  2. Just doing their homework. I think with the current practice rules developing QBs like the days of Hasselback and Brunell are over. They just don’t get the reps like before. Rodgers was a product of McCarthy’s QB school.

  3. Always funny to see fans from a team like Minnesota offer up their sage opinions, when they don’t even have a playoff winning QB on the roster.

  4. Unless it’s just a smoke screen they pay a visit to him. And it’ll still be nothing more than a smoke screen.

  5. Well GB sits at 12 with Miami, Washington and the Giants pretty much right behind them, all 3 needs QBs. If Miami wants a QB they might have to trade up 1 spot to make sure they get their guy. Not because GB may draft a QB but because Washington or the Giants might leapfrog them for the 12th pick.

    Doesn’t hurt to show interest in the QBs though. You never know, they did draft Rodgers in the 1st round when Favre was still playing well.

  6. Kizer isn’t the answer at backup QB. Given Rodgers recent injuries, having the heir-apparent is only smart. We were spoiled by Favre who played no matter what every week. It is only prudent to have a backup QB capable of winning a few games……

    Doesn’t mean we aren’t trying to win now, it means we are, because the status quo isn’t working…..

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