Patriots continue looking at quarterbacks

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The Patriots are among the teams doing plenty of homework on this year’s quarterback class.

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the Patriots have had Auburn’s Jarrett Stidham and Northwestern’s Clayton Thorson in for visits recently.

The Patriots have taken closer looks at a number of quarterbacks, to see if there’s an heir apparent to groom (or probably more accurately, a future backup to flip) behind Tom Brady.

They’ve also brought in West Virginia’s Will Grier and Duke’s Daniel Jones for visits, scanning that second tier of quarterbacks for someone of value.

14 responses to “Patriots continue looking at quarterbacks

  1. don’t forget they also interviewed Tyree Jackson out of Buffalo a couple months ago… I won’t be surprised when they go with Jackson over all these other media darlings

  2. It would be better to get a good QB this year than next so he has plenty of time to sit behind Brady and learn.

  3. This is SOP for NE. They have to evaluate and make decisions on players in order to have a draft board with only 75 to 100 players on it. The experts guessed every round of the draft last year saying this was the round NE was selecting a QB. NE finally drafted a guy in the seventh round. Guess the same thing is going to happen this year.

  4. Man, am I looking forward to the transition. It feels like Brady has been playing forever.

    I soppose they could get crazy lucky like Favre/Rogers or Montana/Young, but I wouldn’t bet on it. No matter what, it won’t be a guy like Brady or even close to it.

  5. Brady probably has 2 years left. Belichick isn’t going to let him kill years in his mid 40’s if his TD/INT % gets above 1:1.

    As a Pats fan, I’d like to see them draft or aquire a young kid with high intelligence and less physically impressive stats…not unlike our current QB. Brady could never sling it as hard as Jamarcus Russell but he could out think him with a hole in his head.

  6. I’m sure if BB picks up a QB this year, he may leave a lot of people scratching their heads!! As usual…….

  7. The Patriots are waiting for Trevor Lawrence to come out in two years.

  8. Don’t forget Etling attended all team QB meetings & all games in 2018 essentially auditing as an undressed rookie – BB’s only done that once before (Brissett). Maybe they’re just doing homework in case one of these guys drops down the draft or Etling attracts another team’s interest. Or maybe Etling gets promoted and a 4th QB take his place on the practice squad.

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