Russell Wilson’s last contract was signed the day of the deadline

Getty Images

Today is not the first day Russell Wilson has set a deadline to sign a long-term contract with the Seahawks.

Before signing his current contract, Wilson set a deadline of July 31, 2015, and told the Seahawks that if the sides didn’t reach an agreement by then, he’d simply play out the season and decide what to do in free agency in 2016.

That ended up working out: On the morning of July 31, Wilson announced that he was signing a new deal. Sometimes a deadline prods both sides to get something done.

Now Wilson has another deadline, and he’s apparently ruling out ever signing another long-term contract with the Seahawks if they don’t give him the deal he wants by the end of the day today. The clock is ticking, and there seems to be pessimism about a deal getting done. But the clock was ticking when the deal got done last time, too.