Carson Wentz’s back issue “still getting there”

Getty Images

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was upbeat and positive yesterday, saying his plan was still to be ready by the time the Eagles hit the field for OTAs.

That is not the same as being healed.

As noted by Dave Zangaro of, Eagles coach Doug Pederson announced that Wentz’s stress fracture in his back would take around three months to be fully recovered. That makes this week a month past that expectation.

It’s still getting there,” Wentz said. “Some of the stuff just takes time. That’s not really the main concern, it’s just kind of how I feel and I feel really good with where I’m at.”

Given Wentz’s injury history, any issue that lingers a month past the first timeframe is going to be a concern. Of course, it also shows why some coaches are so antsy about putting timeframes on injuries, because it creates alarm if they’re not accurate.

He said he can throw and run, but didn’t get into many specifics. He obviously doesn’t have to worry about contact until the preseason (and not much then).

The next real milepost for Wentz will be May 21, when they begin the OTA portion of their offseason program. If he’s not out there five months out from a three-month recovery, then there will be more explaining to do.