Chargers will wear powder blues as primary home jersey

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The Chargers announced Tuesday they will make their powder blue jerseys their primary home uniform this season.

“The sweetest uniform in the NFL,” receiver Keenan Allen said on the team website after learning of the decision. “Those powder blues, they special. That 13 — Allen on the back — looks sweet.”

Variations of the powder blues date to the Chargers’ inaugural season in 1960. They incorporated the color scheme until 1974, and 20 years later, the team dusted off the powder blues as an alternate jersey.

“[The powder blues are] the Chargers,” cornerback Casey Hayward said. “I remember watching LT [LaDainian Tomlinson] and all those guys wearing that color. It just brings back a lot of memories. I’m glad we’re wearing them a lot more this year, and, of course, I look kind of sweet in it.”

The team also will wear their gold facemask with their powder blue, white and royal blue jerseys.

The Chargers became the first team to wear a colored facemask in 1974, debuting it with their blue helmet. They brought back the gold facemask in 2016, using it with their color-rush uniforms.

25 responses to “Chargers will wear powder blues as primary home jersey

  1. at least call them lightening blue or something, powder blue just sounds way too soft for an NFL team- maybe san franny should start wearing saffron or the rams can be banana yellow at least insert some humor and get that cleveland team in dookie brown! 😉

  2. Awesome looking Jersey. Now they need to take that look back to San Diego. At least there it was 65% Chargers fans. Not 6% like in LA.

  3. The Powder blues are awesome. And Chargers are 4-0 wearing them under Coach Lynn. Wonder if this is a branding move as they are about to share a stadium with another team that is blue and yellow. Either way, ok with me. Can football start already???

  4. For years the San Diego fans told the Chargers owners they wanted the light blue uniforms worn all of the time. Chargers ownership did not listen and pushed THEIR brand which is the navy blue.

    It seems that the Chargers ownership’s profit margin is way down in L.A., so now, they have the great idea of doing the light blue uniforms at home games.

    If the Chargers ownership had any guts they would do their throwback colors in the royal blue and yellow uniforms as worn in the Air Coryell days.

  5. Very cool! One thing about the Chargers though, they’ve always seemed to have nice uniforms! The navy blue ones look sharp too, as have pretty much all of them they’ve ever worn!

  6. The AFL Chargers uniforms were the best. The powder blue with the white helmet with the numbers on the side is one of the best uniforms in sports. This thing the Chargers have been doing the last few years where they are “leaning” into the powder blue but still keeping more remnants of their Navy era is stupid. Just admit the old uniforms were the best and go back to them, helmet included.

    The Browns should do the same. Go back to what actually works. The classics are classics for a reason.

  7. warhawk7611 says:
    April 16, 2019 at 7:49 pm
    Funny that all the player’s memories noted here are from SAN DIEGO!!
    Uh, they were in San Diego for a good number of years. They’ve not been in LA very long (not counting the brief time around 1960). No memories yet, but they will give a lot of exciting moments for all Charger fans to see in the years to bome.

  8. The video announcing this was awful. Nothing but San Diego Chargers legends. Showcasing their history in another city to announce this. God Spanos sucks. Jerseys and gold mask from the color rush looks sweet though.

  9. I’m not certain, but the Nike ‘powder blue’ looks different – a deeper, brighter shade than the old Russell’s. My recollection of powder blue is a softer color.

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