Jaguars won’t discipline Leonard Fournette for arrest

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Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette was arrested last week for driving on a suspended license and head coach Doug Marrone said on Tuesday that the team won’t be disciplining him as a result.

Fournette’s license was suspended after he failed to pay a speeding ticket he received last November and, per multiple reporters, Marrone called it a mistake when he addressed reporters from Jacksonville. Marrone also recounted a similar story from his past when he was arrested for a similar issue while he was an assistant coach at Georgia Tech.

That response avoids further strain in the relationship between Fournette and the team. The Jaguars moved to void the guarantees left on Fournette’s contract after he was suspended for leaving the bench to participate in a fight last season and Fournette is fighting that move.

Fournette could conceivably face league discipline for the matter, but the nature of the offense may mean it goes away once Fournette clears up everything with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

14 responses to “Jaguars won’t discipline Leonard Fournette for arrest

  1. All NFL fans need to take a large step back and take a good look at some of the players/teams they root for.

    There appears to be an excessive amount of absolutely terrible people around the league and many teams don’t seem to mind as long as their Talent > Issues. If they are talented enough, many of these teams will overlook their issues.

    “Many GMs would draft Charles Manson if he could run a 4.4 40” – Jimmy Johnson

  2. WOW

    Exhibit A as to why this franchise does not get it. All this does is now enable their mouthy CB to try to control the narrative with his new contract.

  3. They did nothing when he threatened a fan. He’ll be jailed for assault within 2 years of retirement but probably while he’s still playing.

  4. He should be disciplind any normal person would be in trouble with the law. Why is he so special??

  5. Very low level offense and the only reason his arrest is concerning is that it speaks to his maturity. He got a ticket, didn’t pay the fine so they suspended his license. He would have been aware of ALL of these things occurring, but he’s not being responsible and handling his business. When you make millions of dollars per year, there is really no reason you should get a Suspended license for unpaid fines.

  6. This incident is a “oops I forgot” moment. Or like me (decades ago) paying it too late and not paying the late fee. This is just an oops. The other stuff is different.

  7. Of course they won’t. I’m sure his legal problems will go away after he poses for a few pictures and signs some autographs. Is it any wonder there are so many bad actors in the NFL when they get preferential treatment?

    If you don’t think he gets preferential treatment then you should know that the same cop who wrote him the speeding ticket that got him in this situation had previously only given him a warning when he was caught going 85mph in a 45mph zone. So why should Fournette care when he knows he can get away with everything?

  8. What’s with these guys and a suspended license? I’ve been driving over 50 years and never had a suspended license.

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