Jared Goff: Start of offseason work helps put Super Bowl loss in past

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It’s been over two months since the Rams lost Super Bowl LIII to the Patriots and quarterback Jared Goff‘s poor performance in that game has been a frequent discussion topic during that period.

Monday brought Goff a step closer to a chance to start writing a new story as the team began their offseason workouts. The quarterback met with the media and said that it’s been “hard not to” dwell on the loss because the team hasn’t played any other games, but that moving into the next phase of the offseason helps push things forward.

“For where I’m at mentally, I feel like I’m past it. Days like today help getting past it of course, where you’re with the guys and you’re able to start moving forward in a different direction and towards a new goal,” Goff said.

The question of a contract extension for Goff has been brought up since the Super Bowl and head coach Sean McVay said the team isn’t rushing to get a deal done. Goff said that is a more immediate focus for his agent and that his mind is on improving his completion percentage heading into the 2019 season.

4 responses to “Jared Goff: Start of offseason work helps put Super Bowl loss in past

  1. Huh? Why is it in a low scoring game the QB gets the blame? Why not credit the Defenses? Did the Pats score more than 1 TD? No. If Jason McCourty didn’t make that ridiculous save, and if Cooks had just made a better job of grasping another big catch for a TD on a tightly threaded ball from Goff into fantastically great double-coverage, and if Gurley had been as healthy as Rams lied he was, you’d today all be saying Brady was washed up, and Belichick history – and now crowning Goff and McVay as the New Camelot and undoubted dynasty of the next decade… give the kid a break.
    -Pats fan.

  2. It’ll take more than that to forget that Super Bowl performance…..nice try.

  3. Goff is great when there is an open receiver and he has time to throw and McVay tells him what to do.
    In other words, at this stage in his career he’s not a very good QB despite his stats.
    A team that pays him a lot and has no money for the supporting cast will regret it.
    If he wants money equal to what his nice stats show then I’d trade him and draft another QB.
    No way a team wins with Goff if they are paying 30+MM/year

  4. The Seahawks just screwed every other team with a QB whose contract is coming up. Especially with a mediocre QB.

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