Josh Rosen handling speculation like “pro’s pro”


Josh Rosen is the Cardinals’ quarterback for right now, but he was only a footnote during the team’s pre-draft press conference. It’s all Kyler, Kyler, Kyler.

Rosen, though, is handling speculation about his future like a pro.

“We’ve had good dialogue,” Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim said, via Darren Urban of the team website. “He is a pro’s pro, and the one thing I have appreciated about him the most since we drafted him is he has an unbelievable amount of mental toughness.”

Rosen has gone about his business in the offseason program despite the prospect of the Cardinals taking Kyler Murray with the No. 1 overall choice and trading their current quarterback. Coach Kliff Kingsbury said Rosen has a “good grasp” of the offense.

“He couldn’t have been better, honestly,” Kingsbury said. “First one to show up, engaging, into it, very sharp. I can’t say enough good things about my interactions with Josh so far.”

Despite that, the Cardinals still could draft Murray, and Rosen still could find his future elsewhere. For right now, though, it’s Rosen’s job, and he is doing his job.

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  1. And, what’s to sweat really? Could anything be worse than last season as a rookie in a totally dysfunctional franchise that is last in the league? As they say, the only place to go is up bc you can’t get much lower than the cellar. If Rosen gets traded, that’s not the worst thing that could happen for his career and if he stays, it’s another year of experience under his belt, developing survival skills being pounded like a crash test dummy, but playing with some quality guys in a resort-like setting, while getting paid enough to get by before the next chapter and having to decide on a grown-up path. Not so bad…

  2. Honestly, I think they were initially 100% sold on Murray, but the wide interest in Rosen has made them think twice, that maybe he’s worth sticking with. Frankly, Az’s office are clueless. Now and again Az gets a run of luck, a little talent falls in their lap, and if the rest of the div are in flux/unlucky the Cards fall into the playoffs. But even the last year they reached a SB (2008, lost to Steelers) the season itself was only 9-7 and they haven’t won a title since 1947.

  3. Josh Rosen is a pretty sharp guy and he knows it helps him if he handles this like a professional. There is no doubt that this is ripping him up on the inside. In truth, for the long term, he’s best off going to the Giants or working with McDaniels in New England.

  4. If the Cards would take the GIANTS Second Rounder and a Good fifth rounder, as a GIANTS fan, I’d like to make the trade.

    It makes sense on every level.

    Rosen is still a good prospect, he really fits what Shurmur wants to do.

    The Cards will get some good picks back, maybe throw in another pick and it can get done.

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