Kirk Cousins on learning Vikings playbook: It’s like eating an elephant

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The Vikings bumped Kevin Stefanski from interim offensive coordinator to the permanent job this offseason and they hired former Texans and Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak as an offensive advisor in a pair of moves that have led to a new offensive playbook than they were working with at this time last year.

Quarterback Kirk Cousins‘ ability to grasp that offense and execute it at a high level will go a long way toward determining how successful the Vikings are going to be this season. He discussed that process on Tuesday and said the team is “learning football all over again” while borrowing an analogy to illustrate how he is making his way through the new playbook.

“The same way you eat an elephant, one bite at a time,” Cousins said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press.

Cousins did add that there are a lot of similarities to other offenses — Stefanski was obviously in Minnesota last week while Kubiak and Cousins each have a history with Mike and Kyle Shanahan — he’s been in during his career. He expects that will help speed up the transition and everyone in Minnesota would love to see the offense at full speed as soon as possible.

29 responses to “Kirk Cousins on learning Vikings playbook: It’s like eating an elephant

  1. This guy, honestly, can’t get out of his own way with the moronic statements he makes. I’m glad he’s being paid all that money to be a quarterback, Lord knows he has no future in public relations, marketing or speaking engagements. “You like that?!”

  2. Kirk Cousins: **Holds stomach** “It’s like eating an elephant!”
    Peyton Manning: **Picks up fork and looks over** “You gonna finish that elephant?”

  3. Disaster. this season will be a disaster. another new offense. new offensive line. total disaster waiting to happen. this is Zimmer’s fault. defelippo wasn’t the problem. the offensive line was the problem, and that’s on zimmer and spielman. cousins is not a winner. spielman completely messed this entire team up by signing cousins. the team will completely turn on cousins this year when his play looks mediocre at best. the defense is aging and in it’s last year as a unit. then it will get blown up next year. spielman will be fired. zimmer-i’m not sure of, it will depend on how the defense plays.

    total disaster.

  4. Interesting choice of words, considering Kirk’s contracts has been the “elephant in the room” ever he signed it. If the playbook is so difficult, may Theilen can explain it to him on the sideline.

  5. It doesn’t matter how thick the Vikings play book is. The last page says what every Vikings play book has said since their very first year of existence:
    “Get ready for next year because we didn’t win again this year”.

  6. We’ll see — they weren’t thrilled with coach Flip’s thick playbook last year.

    Funny how the cheesers are so gleeful about Cousins’ playbook comment after their team’s second losing season, firing their sleepy GM, retaining about 2 players from 2015 and 2016, firing coach “massage”, hiring a 17 year old head coach cause he was touched by McVay, building a grudge room for their starting QB, signing a free agent O-lineman that gave up 9 sacks in 13 games for big bucks and two costly edge rushers that combined almost have as many sacks as Danielle Hunter did in 10 games. I could go on, but my fingers are tired. But, hey, I guess the Vikes are the joke.

  7. The same way you eat an elephant, one bite at a time
    That sounds like a Dwight Schrute quote

  8. I hope the playbook is big enough that when teams start taking away the things they do well they’ll have something else to go to. People forget that the Vikings’ passing game started out great last year, but DeFilippo had no answer when opponents adjusted to it. His plan was to expose the poor offensive line by passing the ball more and more. I’m convinced that getting rid of that guy will make the offense much more successful. People complain about Cousins being a loser, but I’d say he just isn’t good enough to overcome the team’s other shortcomings. Shore up the offensive line and the coaching and he’s going to look just fine.

  9. Keep studying, Kirk – you’re a bright guy with a great arm. With a healthy Dalvin Cook, hopefully a much better offensive line, and a 2017 caliber defense, the Vikings will go deep in the postseason! Miss you here – the elephant in the room of the Robert Griffin failure skewed Daniel Snyder’s and Bruce Allen’s judgment terribly.

  10. h0metownzero says:
    April 16, 2019 at 4:35 pm

    At least he’s mastered the art of choking in the clutch.

    You won’t see Packers choking in the clutch. That’s because they haven’t played a meaningful game in three years.

  11. Their new OC is going to be calling more running plays because they know their QB can’t handle it. Hamstrung the franchise just like Seattle did today.

  12. Cousins haters are going to have to eat lots of crow. How much does an elephant weigh? Fools.

  13. You guys realize he is quoting Nobel prize winner Desmond Tutu right?

    It means no matter how big or small a task is the only way to complete it is one step at a time.

  14. Does the elephant playbook have tips on how Cousins can stop turning the ball over?

    Or does it provide even more ways for Cousins to give it away.

    BTW…I am a die-hard Vikings fan.
    Cousins is a disaster.

  15. jets843 says:
    April 16, 2019 at 7:28 pm
    Let’s see where we are with Cousins in January. For now stupid comments from him.
    No need to wonder.
    The Vikings are going to lose at least 5 games in primetime.
    Cousins will be at his house or on a vacation far away from Minnesota in January.

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