Lamar Jackson says passing accuracy is his focus this offseason

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson started eight games as a rookie and ran for 749 yards last season, most for any NFL quarterback, but completed just 56.8 percent of his passes. He knows that’s not sustainable.

Jackson said today that he’s been focusing on his footwork and mechanics to make sure he’s a more accurate passer in 2019.

“Keeping a wide base when I’m throwing out breaking routes,” Jackson said. “Just trying to be spot-on in my accuracy. Trying to work on every attribute I can.”

There’s little doubt that Jackson has the athletic talent to make big plays, but the Ravens need a more consistent offense than they had a year ago. The Ravens may run the ball more than any other team in 2019, but Jackson will have to be a better passer as well. He’s working on it.

20 responses to “Lamar Jackson says passing accuracy is his focus this offseason

  1. At what point in a QB’s career is accuracy not a focus? It is rare that accuracy greatly increases once a player gets to the NFL. If I was a Ravens fan, I would not expect a great improvement in accuracy.

  2. Has he asked RGIII & Kap what happens to option QB’s once they get exposed, besides getting absolutely tattooed on hits whether you option of the ball or not.

  3. While his game isn’t exactly the same, I see some parallels to Tim Tebow, in regard to needing to fit an offense to his skill set. Obviously, if he could become a great pocket passer, the Ravens would love that. Although, at that point he might run less, which would steal one of his biggest assets. But, if he can get to average as a passer, with his running ability, it would make them tough to defend.

  4. as a Ravens fan, i never bought into the Small Hand Myth for QBs. After watching Lamar play, the myth is true. Small hands lead to less accuracy and poor grip aka ball security, which is why Lamar broke the fumble record. This is the same reason why i have no faith in Kyler Murray he has the same hand size,but a smaller stature.

  5. Accuracy is a mechanical thing for most quarterbacks. If you can clean up the mechanics, you can limit a lot of those issues. The kid has a cannon, if he can correct some mistakes in the process, he’ll be all-world. Won’t take many hits either.

  6. Accuracy rarely improves from college to pros and often goes down due to the difference between NFL throws and college throws and the disparity in college talent from week to week. -Every- QB works on their accuracy from day one and it is doubtful that Lamar just suddenly recognized the importance. If there was a correctable flaw in his delivery (ie. Aaron Rogers) then the Ravens would have had plenty of time to address it in the first half of last season. As he showed little or no improvement from college it stands to reason this is not a correctable issue.

    I would not hold out hope for anyone betting on a noticeable improvement in accuracy. And at his current rate teams will be able to cheat the run and not respect the Ravens passing game.

  7. Kudos to Lamar Jackson for his off-season focus on throwing mechanics. He’s a marvelous athlete, of course he can become a more accurate passer. I look forward to watching him this season.

  8. joetoronto says:
    April 16, 2019 at 1:45 pm

    Only Josh Allen is more inaccurate than Jackson.

    Not true! Actually of the 5 first round QBs only Mayfield(63.8%) led Jackson(58.2%) who was 2nd in comp.%, Darnold(57.7%), Rosen(55.2%) and then Allen(52.8%)

  9. So many people hoping this kid doesn’t fulfill the promise we all saw last year.
    We’ll see.

  10. Jackson absolutely has to improve here, it doesn’t even need to be said. But it should be noted that despite all the trolling about his inaccuracy, only Mayfield was more accurate than him of the 5 rookie QBs last year. Rosen, Darnold, and especially Allen have a lot of work to do as well.

  11. I have seen enough of this clown to realize he is just another running back who thinks he can throw. He is absolutely no passing threat and defenses have wised up to the fact that he can only run and will shut him down and pound him until he becomes another wandering RG3.

  12. I love hearing Dan Orlovsky on ESPN talk about Lamar.. When he was a sub-par QB…15 TD 13 INT’s..

  13. Lot of negativity on this board towards Action Jackson. But the fact remains that he is the QB of the defending AFC North Champs!

    Resist the urge to crown the clowns from Cleveland as “paper” AFC North Champs in 2019. Let’s see them earn it on the field.

    Jackson & the ever potent Ravens Defense will have something to say about that.

    Even with the tough schedule (5 playoff teams from last season + Pittsburgh 2X), the Ravens will be in the thick of it. Bet that !!

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