Russell Wilson’s agent: He didn’t want to leave Seattle

Getty Images

Russell Wilson has agreed to a new five-year contract with the Seahawks, and his agent says he didn’t want to be anywhere else.

Wilson’s agent Mark Rodgers told Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times that staying in Seattle was important to Wilson.

“Russell loves this town, this team and these fans and part of the compromise involved his affection for all things Seattle,” Rodgers said. “The idea of playing anywhere else was not as appealing as playing right here, the place he and his family call home.”

That runs contrary to all the talk we heard in recent weeks about Wilson wanting to go to New York, and not loving Seattle. Was Wilson just bluffing to get the best deal he could? Or is Rodgers now just putting a positive spin on Wilson’s views about Seattle because the Seahawks gave Wilson the money he wanted? We may never know just how accurate the perception that Wilson had an eye on New York was, but now that Wilson is committed to Seattle, his camp is saying he’s all-in.