Thomas Davis making good first impression on Chargers


For the first time in 15 NFL seasons, Thomas Davis was working out for someone other than the Panthers.

But even though he’s with the Chargers now, he’s working out with the same intensity for which he’s become known.

Via Ricky Henne of the team’s official website, the 36-year-old Davis was pacing his new teammates through sprints and other workouts yesterday, at the head of the pack when defensive front seven players, offensive linemen and tight ends were doing their conditioning.

“I love to compete,” Davis said. “That’s one of the things that’s allowed me to be able to play for this long. I just love to go out and be able to compete, no matter what we’re doing. Whether it’s sprints. Whether it’s during walk-throughs. It’s the competitive side in me, and I think that’s what makes the game fun.”

While he might not be the athlete he used to be, Davis still has plenty to offer the Chargers, in addition to the lessons he learned while overcoming three torn ACLs to become a Pro Bowl regular.

“Man, that’s a big piece,” Chargers safety Derwin James said. “He’s a vocal leader. A great guy. I can see as I’ve been around him. He’s a good guy to help mentor me especially as a young guy coming in trying to lead. He’s been doing it a long time for 15 years. So he’s a guy that’s willing to help, already I can see (that). It’s good to have people like that added to the locker room. . . .

“He’s working hard, and you can tell that he’s a competitor. I can see it in him.”

He certainly offers a good example, and might be the kind of addition to push a talented defense.

4 responses to “Thomas Davis making good first impression on Chargers

  1. For his duration, Davis has been the heart & soul of the Carolina defense. He was the absolute glue that held the Panthers together in the locker room & on the field. As a Panthers fan, It’s my duty to say THANK YOU SIR!

    Carolina will never be the same & the Chargers just got a player-coach on the cheap. Under dissimilar circumstances, losing Davis is like losing Steve Smith. The two are the greatest Panthers ever.

    Much success Mr. Davis!

  2. TD is still the man! He will ball out this year! I hope Chargers not on our schedule this year because, everyone we let go always come back to kill us in games against them. Another one We (Carolina) gave up on too quick.

  3. been one of my favorite players since he came out of UGA as a safety. his speed and style of play was ahead of its time and it’s great to see him still playing at a high level 15 years later. not a chargers’ fan but hard not to root for a guy like him.

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