Cardinals schedule hype video deftly avoids quarterback images

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Seemingly, most teams have prepared videos aimed at hyping their 2019 regular-season schedules. The Cardinals have created one that has a glaring omission.

Of the various Arizona players featured in the video — from Larry Fitzgerald to David Johnson to Chandler Jones to Patrick Peterson — there’s not a single image of quarterback Josh Rosen.

While that’s harder a confirmation that the team will be drafting quarterback Kyler Murray and trading Rosen, it definitely keeps the possibility squarely in play. Indeed, if Rosen were “the guy,” he’d be in the video.

The fact that he isn’t says plenty about the possibility that, in eight nights, Murray will be on the way in. And Rosen will be on the way out.

28 responses to “Cardinals schedule hype video deftly avoids quarterback images

  1. Wouldn’t that type of inclusion tip their hand one way or the other. Damned if they use him–hinting they will not be drafting a qb, damned if they don’t use him–hinting they may be considering using the pick for a qb. Meanwhile, they may be marketing the top pick in a significant deal. So again, why would they tip their hand in any scenario–easiest thing for them to do is what they did. I can all but guarantee that when the smoke clears Rosen will be EASILY edited into that video should he remain penciled in as their future.

  2. Geez, that video so obviously omits Rosen that it almost seems like a spoof. Did they cut him out of passes he threw for TDs and only show the reception? If that doesn’t make it official…

  3. …or that they are wisely keeping the value of the #1 overall pick as high as possible.
    The media will fall for anything and everything.

  4. They probably featured first round pick and major bust Kevin White. Looks like Tarzan plays like Jane.

  5. If Arizona is going to draft Kyler Murray there is about 4 human beings on planet Earth who are privy to that information and I can promise you none of them work in the Arizona Cardinals social media department.

  6. Cardinals have a dilemma. I think they should draft Nick Bosa, assuming he is entirely healed from that double core surgery. If they draft Murray, the 49ers pick Bosa and he will be mauling whoever is QB for the Cardinals at least twice a year for the next decade.

  7. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like Steve Keim isn’t very good at any of this. How does he keep that job?

  8. Quinnen Williams and Nick Bosa are two legitimate generational talents that will possibly fall to the 49ers/Jets because of Kliff Kingsbury’s fascination with Kyler Murray. It would be a bad move and show he’s in over his head. We all know what Bosa is but I feel Q gets knocked down a few pegs by the media because he plays DT. Watch some Bama games..he is blowing up triple and double teams with hand technique and only uses his power when he needs to. He’s a legitimate Warren Sapp/Reggie White/Donald level interior DL prospect.

  9. I hope it is the Cardinals trolling all of the agenda driven people trying to force them into drafting an undersized QB 1st overall just so their current young QB gets purged before even showing what he can do.

  10. The incompetence of this organization and its leadership is staggering. How the team owner could put up with Steve Keim bungling every public situation is beyond me.

  11. Of course they would feature their top core players…they’re desperate to sell tickets! There is a reason that the Cards are #32 in the league and it isn’t Rosen’s doing. Long time season ticket holders and core players support Rosen and using the #1 pick on a defensive player that will add to only other four players on the team who continue to have a job.
    Rosen did a good job last season with no coaching, no 0-line, Larry and David as his only weapons, in an organization that was so dysfunctional, that Patrick Peterson wanted a trade mid-season. Nonetheless, Rosen was praised for his leadership, toughness, and abiilities by veteran players, and while the Cards didn’t win many games they managed to beat the Packers! Josh, has handled this entire circus with class and maturity and wil be the winner if the Cards send him some place else. Any team is going to have a bigger upside that being on board the Titanic in the desert when she makes her final death roll. NFL.come has the Cards going 4-12 with Murray and KK’s magical mystery system!

  12. Bidwell and Keim are drinking buddies. That’s why he’s still the GM. They don’t have any idea who to draft. Looks like Kliff gets his boy.

  13. Why would highlight Rosen…..he was there last year……now they have Kevin White, former first round pick with low miles.

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