Cowboys say they’re unlikely to trade up in draft

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The Cowboys don’t have a first-round pick in this year’s draft as a result of the trade for wide receiver Amari Cooper and executive vice president Stephen Jones addressed the possibility of the team making a move to change that during a Tuesday radio interview.

Dallas is currently set to make their first pick at No. 58 overall and Jones called it “real hard to think” that the Cowboys would be making any move that significantly changes that outlook.

“I don’t think so,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It took an act of Congress to give up a first-round pick. We know how valuable those are. It took a lot of discussion, a lot of homework, a lot of really getting your hands around giving up a first round pick, and certainly, it’s something that you don’t love to do without. We would certainly do the same thing over again in terms of what it did for us with Amari Cooper and what’s it going to do for our future.”

With six picks in this year’s draft, any attempt to make a big jump up the board would likely require the Cowboys to dip into future stockpiles of selections and Jones’ comments suggest that’s not going to happen.

11 responses to “Cowboys say they’re unlikely to trade up in draft

  1. Fans of the Cowboys should simply watch highlights of Cooper on the first night of the draft.

    As a fan of the Bears, I’ll be watching highlights of Khalil Mack.

  2. I could see them trading up 5 or 6 spots if the right guy was falling… but trading all the way up to the first round is outright ridiculous.

  3. They’ll stay put and pick one of the DTs or S that fall. There are many DTs in this draft that can make an impact, so someone should be there.

  4. I don’t see them picking interior OL or QB at #58, no chance. Possible an OT, but I don’t see that happening. Probably not a LB. They will choose between a S, CB, DT, DE, WR, TE and a RB (not likely), which gives them a ton of flexibility. I’m really certain that a good player at one of these positions will unexpectedly fall to them.

    Nate Newton points out that they shouldn’t draft a player at #58 that isn’t getting snaps. I don’t expect a CB drafted that late to play much with the starters they have now, so this,if true, means you don’t pick a CB, but other positions might be in play.

    Also, what late round picks might be better than the backups now on the team? A RB will be, a very fast WR might be (or a quick slot WR), not sure about other positions.

  5. Cowboy’s philosophy on FA makes it even more critical to not only have necessary draft capital but to make sure and hit on the picks. It will have to be an extordinary opportunity to give up that capital.

  6. I don’t think an analogy using “it took an act of Congress…” is a good one. Right or wrong, at least the Cowboys made a decision. Congress on the other hand….

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