Damon Harrison staying away from Lions workouts

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The Lions said in March that a new contract for defensive tackle Damon Harrison wasn’t something he’d think about until after the draft and that approach appears to be having an impact on Harrison’s approach to the team’s offseason workouts.

Those workouts got underway this week and Kyle Meinke of MLive.com reports that Harrison has not been in attendance. He hasn’t made any comment about the reason why he’s not at the voluntary workouts, but he wouldn’t be the first player to stay away from his team while making a push for a new deal.

It’s unclear if Harrison’s absence will push the Lions to give him what he’s looking for on the contract front. He has two years left on his deal and teams are generally reticent to open the door to renegotiating deals with that much time left on a current pact.

Harrison joined the Lions in a midseason trade with the Giants last year and the team’s run defense made a noticeable turn for the better after his arrival in Detroit.

10 responses to “Damon Harrison staying away from Lions workouts

  1. Don’t sign a long term contract.
    It seems more and more players are unhappy with 5 year contracts.
    The easy solution is to sign 3-4 year deals.
    Most players are cut after 2-3 years, and those that perform well are unhappy.
    So just go to 3 – 4 year deals.

    It’s not just the holding out from training camp, it’s the acting up like Antonio Brown did. Whats to stop a player from pulling an Albert Haynesworth (Retiring while cashing paychecks) or acting up/not trying after 2 years (Antonio Brown). Pay me more or you get zero from me.

    Is arbitration the answer?
    Shorter contracts would certainly solve that problem.

  2. It should be noted in the article that he often has stayed away from voluntarily workouts in the past and has been outspoken about doing his own regimen in the offseason. This likely isnt contract related just a vetern skipping them like most veterans do

  3. luvkcchiefs says: “he has two years left, why is there any talk about new deals, honor your contract and when it’s done everyone can talk about a new deal.”

    Why can’t he ask for a raise while still doing his job? Where does it say that players are only allowed to ask for an extension in their last year of a deal? Maybe he’s one of those guys that are just comfortable with having a long-term team commitment and doesn’t like the stress of deadline contract negotiations. It’s the Lions’ business – they can do anything they want, but there’s no harm in asking now or later.

    Anyways, these are VOLUNTARY workouts and he has skipped them EVERY YEAR.

  4. Not that it’ll make any difference on the Lions season. Last place in the division as usual.

  5. Are there any players out there that actually want to honor their existing contracts ANYMORE? Why the heck sign a contract in the first place. They want the security of a multi year deal but the minute they feel they ‘ve played better than someone else, they want more money. With two years left on a contract ,this guy needs to get in and partake in all expected activities. This is an epidemic that was first started by Divas but has now spread to most players. Honor your damn contract and if the team approaches you and gives you a raise , great! Otherwise, just play ball ! Someone in the NFLPA needs to get a handle on this . This trend of me first football participation is compromising the integrity of this league

  6. luvkcchiefs says:
    April 17, 2019 at 8:31 am

    he has two years left, why is there any talk about new deals, honor your contract and when it’s done everyone can talk about a new deal.


    If NFL players followed blue collar mentality in contract discussions, they would still be making 250k a year to get CTE.

    Think about it this way. Snacks has no security as the rest of his contract isn’t guaranteed. What he is likely looking for is a guaranteed payout on the next two years and some security for the following 2. He is in the trenches risking his body every play, and the Lions clearly value him considering the impact he had last year and their willingness to part with a draft pick to get him.

    I don’t think Snacks is out here looking for some kind of monster pay increase as much as some security. Honoring contracts is a noble mindset, but when the NFL teams don’t have to honor the contracts they signed since nothing is guaranteed, then it’s a pretty obtuse thought from a fan.

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