John Bosa will join Archie Manning in an exclusive place in NFL history

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John Bosa was selected by the Dolphins with the 16th overall pick in the 1987 NFL draft. In 2016, his son, Joey Bosa, was chosen with the third overall pick in the NFL draft. Next Thursday night, John Bosa will see another son drafted in the first round, and in the process join some exclusive company.

When Nick Bosa is drafted, likely in the first few picks and surely in the first round, John Bosa will become just the second player in NFL history to get drafted in the first round and then have two sons drafted in the first round.

The other was Archie Manning, who was the second overall pick in the 1971 NFL draft and whose sons Peyton (1998) and Eli (2004) were both chosen first overall.

The Bosa family actually has a fourth first-round pick: Eric Kumerow, selected 16th overall in 1965, is the brother of Joey and Nick’s mom.

Potential first round picks Irv Smith Jr. and Devin Bush Jr. are both the sons of first round picks as well, so Thursday night could feel like deja vu for three families.

6 responses to “John Bosa will join Archie Manning in an exclusive place in NFL history

  1. The Matthews family is right up there with them. Clay Sr. played in the NFL, his sons, Clay Jr. and Bruce were first round picks and had great careers, Clay III and Jake (Bruce’s son) were first round picks and have had good careers and they both had a brother that had short NFL careers.

  2. This family sounds like that basketball family threatening to take his sons to Europe if they are a lottery pick. Buyer beware. Remember Joey’s holdout.

  3. Regardless of your feelings about Mr. Bosa, the facts are the facts. Having the father and two sons drafted in the first round is incredible. What the Mannings did though was impressive–both sons drafted #1. As another posted mentioned, the Matthews family has quite a history too. Regardless of whether you like them or not, it’s something for those families to be proud of. Why people are downvoting on these posts is unreal. Maybe it’s because life sucks for you. Downvoting stories like that says more about your pathetic life than it does about the guys mentioned in this story.

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