Rob Gronkowski leaves his mark on the Lombardi Trophy


It was just Gronk being Gronk, all “fun and games” and the Patriots don’t appear the least bit upset that the team’s former tight end damaged the Lombardi Trophy.

The Patriots posted a video story about the incident on their official Twitter account with a caption that reads: @RobGronkowski left a mark on this organization. And on the sixth Lombardi.

While the Red Sox were honoring the Super Bowl champions at Fenway Park earlier this month, Patriots players threw baseballs in a tent as they waited. They pretended to use the Lombardi Trophy as a baseball bat.

With Julian Edelman pitching, though, Gronkowski squared around to bunt and the baseball hit the football adorning the top of the trophy. The ping of ball meeting sterling silver was followed by nervous laughter and “oohs” and “ahhs.”

“If anybody could do it and get away with it, it would be Mr. Gronkowski himself,” safety Duron Harmon said in the video. “He has now left an everlasting mark, so that people will never forget he was part of that championship team.”

The trophy now includes an obvious dent. There is no word on whether the Patriots plan to fix it, though Jason McCourty said the trophy now is “vintage.”