Russell Wilson now has no-trade clause

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Russell Wilson‘s agent has insisted since he negotiated a new contract for the quarterback that Wilson never wanted to play anywhere else. On Wednesday, agent Mark Rodgers pointed to a no-trade clause in Wilson’s contract to back him up.

“There is a reason we got a no-trade clause,’’ Rodgers said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “You get a no-trade clause because you don’t want to go anywhere. Russell wants to be here. That no-trade clause was, for me, a very important element of the contract.’’

A no-trade clause, of course, doesn’t mean the Seahawks never will trade Wilson. It means the Seahawks can’t trade Wilson without his blessing.

Per Condotta, the no-trade clause “was one of the items that kept the negotiations in flux until the very last minute” of Wilson’s now-or-never deadline.

“We got it done literally at midnight,’’ Rodgers said. “It was at the buzzer, and there was no question there was a sense of urgency that this deadline was real.’’

The four-year extension will pay Wilson up to $140 million, keeping him in Seattle for the foreseeable future.

12 responses to “Russell Wilson now has no-trade clause

  1. The no trade clause only means he won’t get traded to a team he doesn’t want to be on, he can waive it to get traded tto a good team…sheesh.

  2. Seattle got taken for a ride behind the woodshed on this one. They likely will never recover from it.

  3. This was all about Schneider trying to sell Seahawk tickets. Without Wilson there would be zero interest in this team. Now ticket holders can whine about had bad their QB is, while the real reason they’ll be so bad is there is no team around him. Fact is, for it not for the LOB, aka that once stellar defense, Wilson has never had offensive weapons. Even Cleveland has drafted well. Schneider needs to be fire for he has drafted VERY poorly for the past 7 years!

  4. It’s amazing how Seahawks fans are so delusional they don’t realize this will affect their ability to sign players good enough to make the playoffs. I hope you enjoy watching Russell Wilson run for his life. I also the Seahawks enjoy watching the playoffs from home. This will turn out to be a bad move for them…but hey Seahawks fans, keep up with the delusion that you’re going to lose another Super Bowl.

  5. All these fans who think that Seattle handicapped itself with a QB contract should go get GM jobs in the NFL.

    Of course, nobody would hire them, because they don’t have the first clue what they’re talking about. They are like 5-year-old children discussing commodities and futures trading strategies.

  6. I wonder if Petey will play Wilson as much during the preseason as he had in the past, knowing that if Wilson gets crushed in a meaningless game, Seattle’s chance for the playoffs would go down the drain. That was what happened to Dallas when Tony Romo was injured by Cliff Avril in the preseason a few years back.

  7. Third most touchdown passes in NFL history after 7 years.

    Only behind Dan Marino and Peyton Manning… and ahead of Aaron Rodgers…with “mediocre” receivers.

    But Russell’s not a good qb to some people…SMH.

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