Will Demaryius Thomas make the team in New England?

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Although a reunion between receiver Demaryius Thomas and former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels has seemed to be inevitable for a while now, the official arrival of Thomas in New England raises a fair question as to the 31-year-old’s role with the Patriots: Will he make the final 53-man roster?

Apart from the fact that Thomas continues to recover from a ruptured Achilles tendon suffered in late December, his production has fallen off in the past two years. And even though he’s schooled in McDaniels’ offense, there’s a different between the way McDaniels draws up plays and The Patriot Way.

The impression created by the transaction is that Thomas instantly will be a valued member of the team. After all, a quick glance at Twitter shows that he’s making $6 million for one year. Look more closely, however. The reports are that he’ll earn “up to” $6 million; per Field Yates of ESPN.com, the base value of the deal is a mere $1.35 million, with the balance coming from incentives and bonuses that he may or may not earn.

For now, Thomas becomes the eighth receiver on the roster (that number includes special-teamer Matthew Slater, who hasn’t caught a pass since 2011). By next weekend, the Patriots could have more on the roster, from draft picks to in-draft trades (that’s how they got Randy Moss in 2007) to the land rush for undrafted free agents.

By September, there’s a chance Thomas won’t even be on the roster. Chris Simms pegged it as a 50-50 proposition during Wednesday’s PFT Live; given the experiences of veteran receivers like Eric Decker, Reggie Wayne, and Chad Johnson in New England, that may actually be a little high.

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  1. It all depends on health. Since he suffered the achilles in late December he is likely to start the season om PUP and be activated later in the season. This works for New England because invariably there are injuries and it also limits the cost to the team especially with an incentive laden deal.

  2. Injury and age, might not be able to practice much….I am not holding my breath on him. If he didnt have the injury, he’d be a pretty good fit for what they do. BB doesn’t usually show much patience with guys who can’t help the team right away.

  3. I remember hearing the same about Cordarelle Patterson…

    Sure, not everybody is a fit, but in an offense that likes to create mismatches, he could be interesting…

  4. I was down voted for saying this yesterday. If he can’t get on the field at full strength as soon as Brady is available to work out timing etc, it probably won’t have a chance to work out.

  5. If coming off an ACL at 31 is a factor, remember Edelman was 32 coming off an ACL last year and he won the Super Bowl MVP.

  6. I say no based on his age and injury situation. He will be given all the chances possible, but BB always brings in a 32 year old questionable vet to see and take a look as the WR gets some reps. BB will hopefully trade for a younger vet around the draft, Berrios and Ellington emerge and they draft a developing rookie WR who they feel good about as well, stashing another on the PS.

  7. He’ll be an ok option until Gordon gets out of rehab jail. After that Bill will send him on into retirement.

  8. Thretosix says:
    April 17, 2019 at 11:55 am
    If coming off an ACL at 31 is a factor, remember Edelman was 32 coming off an ACL last year and he won the Super Bowl MVP.


    achilles, not acl. way tougher injury to recover from.

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