Falcons’ schedule video trolls Saints over bad call in NFC title game

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Plenty of teams spent plenty of time putting together excellent schedule-release videos. The Falcons’ excellent effort contains a not-so-subtle slap at the misfortune experienced in January by their biggest rival.

In a segment that mimics the opening animation from HBO’s Game of Thrones, the Falcons take the viewer through the various cities where the team’s games will be played. For the Thanksgiving night home game against the Saints, a New Orleans-style jazz band can be seen marching toward the Falcons’ stadium.

Suddenly, a ram runs into the screen and wipes out a saxophone player. And then an official steps over and makes the incomplete pass gesture.

That game will be televised by NBC, putting these two teams on the field against each other for the second straight year in prime time on Thanksgiving.

17 responses to “Falcons’ schedule video trolls Saints over bad call in NFC title game

  1. Why would you do that? The Falcons were aggravated when the Patriots put 283 (28-3) diamonds in their rings.

    This is kind of a bush league move…

  2. Life long Saints fan and even I found it hilarious. Yes they trolled us but they really took a dig at the NFL

  3. I perceive this season will be a VERY interesting and entertaining battle for NFCS crown between The Saints and the Falcons…

  4. The “S” in Saints on the billboard also falls off changing the name to the Aints…

    (does this qualify as “billboard” material)?

  5. After losing to the Saints twice in 2018, promote the Marketing genius to OC as it’s good to know someone in the organization has some creativity.

  6. I’m not sure it’s a dig on the Saints. If so that would have been a player instead of a band member. I thought it was very clever and funny.

    Now, if the Patriots played the Rams this year the Patriots could have a video of a steamroller flattening the Rams. Either that or the Rams starring in the movie Clueless.

  7. Why do these people think that no call keeping the Saints out of the SB funny? It’s a travesty to the integrity of the league.

  8. I’m gonna give the Falcons props on that one, even as a Saints fan.. I think it was as much a dig at both New Orleans and the NFL as a whole.

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