Jaguars owner: “All of our weaknesses have been addressed”

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The Jaguars haven’t made that many moves of significance this offseason, other than dumping quarterback Blake Bortles and replacing him with Nick Foles.

That was enough to fill them with confidence.

Via Phillip Heilman of the Florida Times-Union, Jaguars owner Shad Khan said during yesterday’s state of the team press conference that he was optimistic about their future and that “all of our weaknesses have been addressed.”

Khan was polite enough to say nice things about Bortles, but clearly relishes having a guy with big-game experience.

“I’m still a Blake fan,” Khan said. “He’s a great guy. I think he did his best, and a year ago we had great results. To us, we wanted it to work out. I’m sure that so did Blake.

“We have to move on and [Foles] was the best one out there. I can tell you this, categorically, that as soon as the season was over, our dream was to get Nick Foles for all the different reasons that have been elaborated.”

Bortles was able to stay out of the way in 2017, playing well enough to allow their defense to carry them to the AFC Championship Game. Foles, with a Super Bowl MVP on his resume, may be able to do more than that, or at least be an active participant in any winning the Jaguars do.

15 responses to “Jaguars owner: “All of our weaknesses have been addressed”

  1. Another team doing a victory lap for winning the offseason. We’ll see, and funny how they were the only team “dreaming” about Foles…

  2. “Bortles was able to stay out of the way in 2017, playing well enough to allow their defense to carry them to the AFC Championship Game.”
    Such a misnomer. Bortles was the highest rated passer in the NFL in December that season and it carried into the postseason, with the exception of the Buffalo game. Defense didn’t do much in the shootout with the steelers and let the team down in the AFC title game where Blake again played well.

  3. As long as Coughlin is still there calling down disciplinary commands from his haunted spire, there will still be seeds of disorder. You have to give the guy credit for 2007/2012, but the league is very different now.

  4. Well, since Khan has decreed all of their weaknesses to be addressed, i think we should cancel the 2019 season and award the Jags the SB trophy now…i’m of course thinking of the safety of the players.

  5. I believe if you go back, Khan said the same thing last year. That didn’t work out very well. The Jags have had a bad OL two years ago, with decent receivers. Bortles and the recievers had to carry the Jags offense. Fournette had a good season. The defense was very good as well. Last year the Jags had a horrible OL with bad recievers. Fournette had his problems. The Jags defense got exposed because they had no offense. The season was basically lost before it really started. For the Jags to be any better, they have to address the OL and receiver corp. The owner saying we solved our weaknesses, doesn’t really matter at this point. You have to proved it on the field of play.

  6. I call BS. What about that offensive line. It’s a mess and arguably the worst OL in the entire league. All they’ve done is sign a couple of journeymen. Those journeymen will probably vie for a starting position with the undrafted free agents on the OL. That OL couldn’t block Betty White. Until they get serious with their OL and bring in some road-graders they can look forward to watching the playoffs at home. If they don’t use their first round pick on an OL, or maybe another position of need, then they are stupid. Just like last year…they could have drafted an offensive lineman but instead they drafted a DL. Granted, that guy is probably going to replace Jackson on the DL but they need a quality OL if they expect they to even be competitive.

  7. As long as the coaches call RPO’s for Nick they’ll be fine. But inquiring minds need to know what Jalen has to say.

  8. The moustache needs to learn to under sell and over produce…..instead he overloads a very average coaching staff…..

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